How motor insurance add-on covers can benefit you

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How motor insurance add-on covers can benefit you   17th Decemver 2019

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Having a basic third-party insurance is a must as per the law, however, it only covers the risk of harm or damage to a third party, leaving you high and dry in the event of an accident. So, if you love your ride and your peace of mind, you need to go beyond the basics with a comprehensive motor insurance. Not only does it cover you and your car, but also offers an array of add-ons to truly protect your car.

What are add-ons?

Just as you get to choose from a range of toppings for your pizza to make it better, you can pick and choose from a multitude of add-on benefits made available to you by motor insurance companies in India . It offers additional coverage in return for a little extra premium. Here are some great choices to help you build your ideal plan.

1. Engine protection: If you live in an area prone to flooding, consider getting an engine protection add-on cover that allows you to get your engine repaired or replaced in case of water ingress. This benefit also applies to instances of leakage that could eventually harm your engine. Your insurance provider will cover the costs of repairs or replacements as long as they fall under coverage mentioned in the policy wordings.

2. NCB retention:  You take extra care of your car and even bear small costs yourself to save your NCB. Imagine after 4-5 years of carefully increasing the discount percentage, a small accident compels you to make a claim. You'll lose all the time and effort you had put into increasing your NCB because of a small mistake. This is where the NCB retention add on comes in which helps you protect your NCB even after you make a claim.

3. Zero depreciation: The depreciated value of your car refers to the regular wear and tear that decreases the value of your vehicle. In fact, even if you ensure not a single scratch comes to your car, it'll still lose value with time. So when you make a claim, it'll be settled keeping the reduced value of the parts in mind. Well, unless you have zero depreciation add on that helps you retain the value of your car even with time. This means you get the complete coverage for your claim with no out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Road-side assistance: If you fear anything going wrong on the roads such as a flat tire, dead battery etc., this add-on guarantees you assistance on the spot and is covered by your insurance provider. You can even get coverage against additional circumstances such as overnight expense coverage in case your car breaks down with Magma HDI's additional road-side assistance cover.

5. Invoice value: In the event of total loss, constructive total loss or theft of the insured vehicle, your insurance provider will pay the invoice value or even replace your vehicle with a new one if you opt for this cover. It will also apply to additional charges that may come with your vehicle such as customs duty, registration charges etc.

6. Key replacements: Losing your car key is probably one of the most common car mishaps. With this add-on, get reimbursed for getting a duplicate key or replacing your car lockset in case of a burglary.

7. Loss of personal belongings: In the event of an accident or burglary, you undergo tremendous amounts of stress as you can never fully recover the belongings. However, with this cover, you can put your mind at ease as it can reimburse the cost of your valuable belongings such as your laptop, phone etc.

8. Inconvenience allowance

Motor insurance

provides you with financial coverage in case of accidents or any other damages. Inconvenience allowance is a daily cash benefit that you are entitled to if you file a valid own damage claim. It can go for as long as ten days to cover all the repairs that your insured vehicle needs. Thus, leaving you prepared for any unforeseen damages no matter how big they are.

The key is to identify your needs and choose the add-on benefits accordingly while buying/renewing your insurance. Most of these add-on covers come at a nominal charge but are well worth the extra buck. For these add-on covers and much more, have a look here at what Magma HDI has to offer.