How to claim car insurance after your accident in India?

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How to claim car insurance after your accident in India?   26th Feb 2020

While driving a car is a pleasure, a misfortunate incident can spoil everything. A tree falling over your car, water entering mechanical parts during rains and floods, road accidents, etc. are all incidents that do not come with any prior warning. Accidents happen in our daily life, and when a car is involved, it becomes a very costly affair. This is one of the reasons to have the best personal accident insurance policy in India.

Car insurance ensures that during any unfortunate accident, you will be able to ride the difficult waves created in your life with ease. Insurance policies usually cover damage to cars, pedestrians, and property. To claim car insurance after an accident, there are some dos and don'ts that you must keep in mind: -

Do's: -

  • The insurance company must be immediately notified when the accident occurs. They must be provided with a general description of how things happened, damage to the car, and surroundings.
  • File an FIR. Without an FIR, you cannot raise a claim. The police must be intimated about the accident and the FIR copy must be obtained.
  • Taking photos of the scene can help further your cause and can later be submitted as valid proof for claim settlement.
  • Make a note of any witnesses near the accident scene. Ask them for their contact details along with their address. The witnesses can help in the future in shedding light on the occurrence.
  • To raise the claim with insurer proper documents, need to be submitted to them. Documents include a soft copy of - the FIR, claim form duly filled and signed by yourself, your insurance policy, car registration certificate, driving license, receipt of other expenses incurred, and medical receipt in case of injuries.
  • Contact a lawyer if you can, as they can provide legal advice over the entire matter and help you get the appropriate claim amount.
  • Don'ts: -

  • Do not hide facts from your insurer. You must notify them of the entire events to the best of your knowledge. If the surveyor finds discrepancies in your claim, entire coverage might be deemed void.
  • Don't move away from the accident scene. Doing so without the insurer's permission can delay the claim process. Some insurers even provide tow and pickup services. Repair work must not be done without the approval of the insurer,
  • Do not settle for third party settlements to avoid FIR. Without FIR, you cannot raise a claim with your insurance company.
  • Don't sign settlement papers without legal counsel. If you believe the settlement provided is not enough, you can raise the issue with your insurer to obtain a better settlement.
  • Car accidents are sorrowful events that often lead to major damage and trauma, in worst cases, death. It is necessary to follow good traffic etiquette and rules. Car accidents can often leave a permanent mark on you. The financial burden after the accident is too much to bear for a single person. It is of utmost importance to have the best personal accident insurance policy in India. Having the best

    personal accident

    insurance policy in India will ensure that in the perilous time after the accident, you would not be financially burdened. It will provide you with financial security in what might be one of the difficult times in your life. Drive safely.