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Personal accident insurance can be surprisingly beneficial. Know more here  14th Sept 2021


Accidents can sometimes cause severe damages, disability and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. Situations like these can have an unfortunate effect on a person's financial stability. Unfortunately, no one can predict accidents but can protect or cover for such incidents.

Therefore, a sensible choice is to get personal accident insurance online at your convenience.

As the name suggests, personal accident insurance gives you cover from any mishaps that come your way unannounced. A personal accident policy is, however, much more beneficial than only covering for your losses.

Let us look further at the benefits you didn't know about personal accident policy.

1. Provides 100% sum insured:

No matter the cause, the nominee gets a 100% claim on the cover in case of accidents. If, unfortunately, the insured person dies in an accident, the kin of the policy can claim the entire coverage amount. Minor injuries like fractures, burns, stitches are also covered under the policy, depending on the inclusions.

2. No change in the premium:

Another benefit of this policy is that the cost of premium stays the same throughout time. It will neither increase nor decrease. Also, the policy provides renewable lifetime coverage.

3. The whole family can be covered in one policy:

A complete personal accident family insurance plan can cover an entire family from unfortunate circumstances under just one policy. All you ought to do is choose a policy that provides coverage for each family member of the policyholder's.

4. You don't require preliminary medical tests:

As accidents happen irrespective of a person's medical history or state, unlike any standard health insurance, personal accident insurance does not seek any previous medical tests for the policyholders.

5. It is even more affordable when purchased online:

As we all know, buying insurance online is a lot easier than offline. Major insurers recommend that these policies be purchased online and offer a lower premium that adds to the savings in some circumstances.

6. Daily cash allowance:

An excellent feature of a personal accident policy is setting up a daily allowance amount for the insured. If the victim needs to spend on hospital bills, regular check-ups or hospitalisation, they will not be out of cash.

One can never be too careful when it comes to inevitable situations. Likewise, the safety of yourself and your family can never be thorough. Even the most cautious person can be caught up in an accident and get hurt. Policies like personal accident insurance can save you a lot of inconvenience during trouble times.

While almost all insurance companies offer personal accident insurance coverage, it's less unlikely that your agent will share the importance of this policy with you. These are not very popular policies because of the low commission to the agents. So take some time out of your schedule and get personal accident insurance online.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.