Baby on Board? Why You Must Have a Child Seat

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Baby on Board? Why You Must Have a Child Seat  30th Sept 2021


Children are full of energy, and therefore they tend to have a higher risk of being injured in a moving vehicle. Ensuring the maximum safety of your child is an essential part of parenting, and the same is applicable when you are travelling with your kid.

Especially if you have a toddler, you have a higher responsibility of ensuring their safety. Although Indian law has not made having a child seat mandatory, you as a parent can take numerous measures for your child. Ensuring the safety of your car and yourself is equally important as accidents, and unwanted situations occur uninvited. Search for online car insurance and buy one ideal for you if you haven't purchased the right insurance policy yet.

Here are five reasons why you must have a child seat.

1. Safer compared to holding the child in arms:
One of the common myths parents believe is that holding your baby in your arms will protect them better. However, when an unwanted situation arises, your arms may not be sufficient to hold your kid tightly.

2. Seat belts are not convenient for kids:
Irrespective of the car you own, all the seat belts are designed from the adult's body perspective. In an accident or when you pull a sudden break, this may result in the baby falling and getting injured. Child seats are comfortable, and they keep the baby safe from jerks and bumps.

3. Lack of concentration while driving:
Most parents are worried about what their child is doing in the back seat or whether they are safe when they do not have a child seat in the car. Parents constantly look at their children while driving, and this distraction can cause accidents. Having a child seat will ensure they do not move and are protected with a comfortable seat belt. This will help you to just concentrate on the road and your car.

4. Kids are incredibly active:
Kids are filled with energy most of the time. A baby can try to open the dashboard, attempt to open the door and injure themselves. A child seat will ensure your kids do not attempt to act unsafely.

5. A newborn should only travel in car seats:
The most common myth is that parents believe their newborn is highly fragile in a car seat. However, the truth is, they should only travel in a car seat. A child seat is designed in a way that ensures the safety plus comfort of the baby.

Things to know before picking the right child seat:

• Pick a seat that meets the safety standards set by the country. You can see this on the label of the child seat.

• Learn how to install the seat. The label has all the instructions, plus there will be someone in the store who will assist you or help with the first installation.

• Make sure to fill the product registration form. Furthermore, check out the warranty and the brand's name by doing a little research about it on the internet and checking the reviews. Since it's a question of your child's safety, be cautious while picking the right one.

There are professional companies involved in making a child seat with expertise and immense research background. If you are travelling with a baby, having a child seat should be your priority as a responsible parent. And, as a responsible owner, getting online car insurance should be the next thing on your priority list. Implement all these points, and then you are all set to go on joy rides with your child.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.