5 tips for healthy and happy retired life everyone should know

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5 tips for healthy and happy retired life everyone should know   27th May 2021

During our growth and working years, there comes a stage where we all usually start thinking of our post-retirement life. We all wish to be well-prepared for our retirement before it heads up. But what kind of retirement do we expect? We often hear a majority of people categorically saying, “We want to get rid of this hustle and bustle of a city and find peace in a place amidst nature and indulge in activities that imbibes positivity.” So, to sum it all, we all want a healthy and happy retirement life.

Do you wonder how you can make your retirement life worth living? Following tips on an ideal retirement plan can help you attain what you expect!

1. Propose yourself a purpose

It is a misconception that retirement is all about sitting idle on the rocking chairs in verandas, sipping warm tea or coffee with newspapers in hands. Don’t ever fall to these false theories, as they can be devastating if they don’t satisfactorily address your question of why did you retire? Inactivity can lead to boredom and infuse stress into one’s lifestyle. Have an aim and utilize your retirement to check the boxes of the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t get time.

2. Be a wanderlust, think before downsizing

The majority of us skip a couple of our travel plans due to busy work lives. Retirement is the time you bring those plans into reality. Invest your time and savings into travelling and exploring the places because the intrepid in you wants to feel YOUNG!

3. Health is the most important wealth that matters

Never consider money before your


you already worked your heart out during your younger days. Retirement is when you repay your debts that you had taken from your bodies by keeping them fit. Design a proper diet plan and follow it. Have regular medical check-ups, practice meditation, yoga, and other physical activities that keep those bones and muscles perfect. Laughter therapies can be a blessing, also try to go on nature trails or simply go for a walk in the park to breathe in the fresh air.

Also, don’t stop working. Yes, if you can work, be it an easy job, consultancy or volunteer work, then continue to do so as it helps you in staying physically and mentally healthy. Also, passive income is always welcome, so count them too.

4. Be smart and invest smartly

Give importance to build a comprehensive investment plan, set your investment milestones, and develop strategies to achieve them. Focus on making rational decisions regarding your finances and assets. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the taxes, as taxes can give an edge as compared to returns expected from your investments. Cut down your unnecessary expenses and try to save wherever you can.

The smart investment includes investing in Health insurance , life, and accidental covers of you and your beloved. Old age comes with a risk factor of increased health aliments so as a responsible person, you should prepare yourself beforehand. It is also recommended to get

financial assistance from a good financial advisor as it can help you organize yourself when it comes to planning for the future.

5. “Love” can do wonders

Love here is more in a general way; you must continue to love every small thing that you used to do at your younger age. If you love road trips, pack your bag and go on one. If you love to own a pet, get one. There are several clubs and organizations that you can join to live your dreams and enjoy every inch of it. In all this, always extend your love and spend quality time with your family or partner to keep the spark ignited in your life too.

On a conclusive note, age is just a number; everyone is going to retire someday. Leave the concerns behind. Instead, show excitement about your retirement life by simply following the aforementioned tips. Wish you a healthy and happy retirement!