How to Choose the Right Sum Insured for Car Insurance Policy

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How to Choose the Right Sum Insured for Car Insurance Policy    26th March 2020

With almost everyone, a driving car these days, the chances of accidents have increased, and there is always the possibility of the vehicle needing repairs. Both of these cases require a lot of funds, which is why you need to get car insurance online in India immediately. Having car insurance means that you would be compensated if your car faces any damages if you get into accident or needs repairs. However, what determines how well you would be compensated is the sum insured, which is the maximum amount that the insurance company would pay you in such situations. It depends on the premium you pay.

Here are some determinants of choosing the right sum insured for car insurance: -

  • Your age: Your age has a lot to do with the sum insured that you want for your car insurance policy. If you are younger, you can insure a low amount and then increase it gradually over the years. If you are older, it is best to have a higher sum insured just in case you need to take care of growing medical bills. Being in an accident may require you to either pay for the damages or hospital bills, and the amount for the latter could be higher if you are older and relatively weaker.
  • The condition of your health: It may seem odd, thinking about your health when deciding the sum insured for your car insurance. But the status of your health largely determines the kind of treatment you would need if you are involved in an accident, and also the expenses. If you are healthy and free of ailments, you should choose a lower sum as opposed to you being older and less active and agile, which might complicate the treatment procedure and lead to higher expenses.
  • Any ailments or severe health issues: If you suffer from a critical health condition, you might have to pay higher medical bills given the nature of complications. In such situations, it is best to opt for a higher sum insured so that you are protected from higher expenses.
  • Your income: A very vital factor to consider is your level of income. Whether you want a higher sum insured or not, your income determines how much you can pay towards the insurance. If you just began earning or do not earn a lot, it makes sense to have a lower sum insured, since you would have other expenses to take care of. On the other hand, if you earn a decent living, opt for a higher sum insured for full coverage.
  • Lifestyle and daily activities: The kind of area you live or work in, how you commute, at what hours, how much you drive the car, etc. determine the type of plan you would need, and thus would also determine the sum insured. If your lifestyle is such that there are more significant risks of getting into an accident or requiring frequent repairs, it is best to go with a higher sum insured so that you would be financially covered when the need arises.
  • It is not enough to buy car insurance online in India; you need to understand its terms and conditions and choose the sum insured that suits your needs and situations best.