How can your insurance save you money?

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How can your insurance save you money  16th Sept 2021


Let's face the fact, who doesn't like to save money? Though many people see insurance as an unnecessary expense, it can still save your money and provide you with the financial security you need.

Motor insurance or vehicle insurance is an insurance policy that safeguards you financially when your vehicle undergoes damage or costs other people or their property. It's easy to buy motor insurance online and even easier to avail benefits that come with it.

So, are you looking for ways to save money on your annual motor insurance premium? We have put together some suggestions to help you save extra with your motor insurance.

1. Tax Benefits that you shouldn't miss: Most people invest their money into insurance when they land a job, as insurance policies have always been a popular tool for saving on income tax. But can an individual claim tax exemption for the premium paid on motor insurance? There is a small catch. If only the vehicle is in business use, the person qualifies for tax exemption on the premium paid for their motor insurance. Well, there is an exception here too. A claim may be made for a vehicle used for business and personal purposes, but it is time-bound. Meaning, the rebate is available for the proportion of time for which the car is being used for business purposes. So, for example, if a vehicle runs for ten hours per day, eight for business, and the remaining two hours for personal purposes. Then the taxpayer is allowed to claim the benefits from the insurance policy for the eight hours of business use.

2. General insurance benefits: People often prefer to deposit their money in savings accounts and avoid having insurance and paying the premium. The common factor they consider, if an individual doesn't claim their insurance during the valid period, all the premium paid is a waste. But, people don't consider the possibility that the amount claimed during an accident can be much more than the premium paid. And, in such instances, buying a good insurance policy is an intelligent choice.

3. Why buy motor insurance online? By choosing the right policy online, you can save a decent amount on the overall coverage cost. And, with your no claims during the policy period, you are entitled to a No Claim Bonus (NCB) upon the policy renewal. Everything can be managed online with ease, and additionally, your annual premium works out to be significantly cheaper.

4. Follow the motor vehicle legal requirements: It is a legal requirement to have motor insurance when driving on Indian roads. If you don't, you are violating traffic laws. Thus, having motor insurance saves you from paying enormous penalties. Moreover, since third-party insurance is mandatory, motor insurance can benefit the survivors in case of death during the accident.

Basic motor insurance is a legal necessity, and good motor insurance is a personal necessity regarding safety, financial security, and mental peace. One must remember that buying insurance comes with many advantages, and there is no advisory involved. Therefore, have the right kind of due diligence and pick the best motor insurance for you to save money.

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