Is riding a two-wheeler easy

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Is riding a two-wheeler easy  22th Jan 2020


For a lot of us, learning how to ride a two-wheeler involved tripping and falling, messing up the gears, and what not! Initially, it required someone to sit behind us to make sure that we do not accelerate much and that the bike does not go astray. The day you realized that you learned to ride was the day when you kissed freedom. The feeling was new, enthralling. A single, gentle twist at the accelerator could send you roaring. Learning how to ride can be challenging. However, before you begin your learning endeavors, it is essential to make sure that you have got your bike insurance in place. Having two-wheeler insurance online in India can save you much trouble as you maneuver your way with your first bike, trying to master its control. Here, we will look at a few hacks for new two-wheeler learners so that their learning curve is smooth and hassle-free.

Don’t put weight on the handle

It is easy to assume that a tight grip on the handle will make riding more comfortable, but it is not quite so. When you have a tight grip on the handle, it becomes hard to steer the bike. The trick here is to have a loose grip on the bike’s handle. Most of the time, you don’t even have to turn the handle. When you are cruising at a moderate speed, a little bit of weight-leaning through the handle does the job of steering.

Watch out on your brake technique

There is one rule which goes with putting on the brakes: when you brake your bike, do not brake all of a sudden, unless of course there’s a bovine in front of you, which could be highly likely while driving around Indian towns. Make it a point to practice braking on both the front and rear wheel together — this will make the bike slow down more smoothly.Also, remember that you should avoid using the clutch while braking, as the chances are that your bike might skid and fall. Holding on to the clutch while putting on the breaks can have disastrous consequences on slippery roads.

Accelerate gently

Do not accelerate your bike all of a sudden. It will just waste fuel and work up your engine for no good. Besides, a sudden increase in speed could make the bike go out of hand. The ideal way around it is accelerating slowly, gently. Moreover, it will also help you maintain that balance as the bike slowly gains speed.

Before you set out on the road, it is essential to make sure that you have good insurance at hand. Magma HDI two-wheeler insurance online in India comes with long-term insurance plans that can help you stay away from any legal trouble while you master your riding skills. A Magma HDI bike insurance stands out as it has support for anti-theft devices and. Among other features, you also get access to personal accident cover, which ensures your financial safety as well.