Road Safety Tips for Two-wheelers

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Road Safety Tips for Two-wheelers  17th Sep 2020

The majority of road accidents in India are those driving two-wheelers, taking the lives of thousands of people every year. It is a common sight to notice a two-wheeler rider cutting past the traffic, riding on the pavements, or finding a way even in small lanes.

We know that people with two-wheelers love speed and want to reach anywhere faster by avoiding traffic. At the same time, you need to take care of your safety when on the road. Apart from following the below-mentioned tips you can follow to ensure your safety on the road, invest in the best two-wheeler insurance in India . Buying two-wheeler insurance will help you cover the damages in case of any mishap in the future.

Here are some safety tips you must follow:

Tip 1: Wear a helmet

  • Invest money in buying a good quality helmet for your protection. It will help in preventing head injuries and will keep you safe in case of an accident.
  • Don’t just wear the helmet to prevent yourself from being fined; wear it for your safety. Don’t forget to fasten the straps to keep it in its place.
  • Buy helmets with a plastic sheet. This will help you in protecting your eyes while driving.

Tip 2: Control your speed

  • The speed of your two-wheeler should not exceed what you can control.
  • It is often seen that road accidents occur when the rider couldn’t control the vehicle’s speed on time. Hence, don’t ride too fast to control.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid accidents. Buy a good two-wheeler insurance policy to protect yourself.

Tip 3: Check your vehicle before riding

  • It is a thumb-rule to check your vehicle before you take it on the road.
  • Check that the breaks, headlights, indicators, and horn are all in working condition.
  • Make it a point to ensure regular servicing of your two-wheeler from an authorized service centre.

Tip 4: Avoid riding in adverse weather conditions

  • Try to avoid riding your two-wheeler in lousy weather conditions. Until and unless it is necessary, avoid being on roads in harsh weather conditions.
  • An accident’s chances are high in adverse weather conditions like during heavy rains and foggy weather in winters.
  • Use anti-reflective stickers on your vehicle or helmet to make yourself visible to other riders.

Tip 5: Look for hazards and obstacles on the road

  • Be attentive while riding your two-wheeler.
  • Look for garbage piles, pot-holes, speed breakers, oil spills, and stray animals while driving.
  • These obstacles or on-road hazards can pose a significant threat to your safety if not paid attention.

Tip 6: Obey Traffic Rules

  • Do not try to break the traffic rules. They are designed for your safety and hence should be obeyed.
  • Don’t drive when you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Don’t try to over-speed or overtake. Avoid so, especially in case of heavy vehicles.

Tip 7: Invest in two-wheeler insurance

  • Investing in

    two-wheeler insurance

    is always the right decision.
  • In case of any damage or loss during an accident, it will come to your rescue and will secure you against any monetary cost incurred.
  • Buy the best two-wheeler insurance in India after comparing different policies and choosing the best for you.
  • Also, note that third party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory in India.

By following some simple safety measures, you can avoid accidents and injuries that can be life-threatening. These tips will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Buy the best two-wheeler insurance for increased security.