How can we keep our bike insured while relocating?

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How can we keep our bike insured while relocating?  27th Nov 2019

Whether due to work-related tasks or personal matters, relocating has become a way of life. It is no secret that relocation to a new city is full of various hassles and can turn out to be a stressful experience. While there are multiple aspects that you need to contemplate while moving to a new city, one crucial aspect you should pay attention to is ensuring the safe relocation of your two-wheeler. In the hustle and bustle of relocation, it is very easy for you to overlook an important aspect related to the relocation of your two-wheeler and that is to keep it insured with the  best two-wheeler insurance in India during, as well as after the relocation process is complete.

Of course, you love your two-wheeler and would want the best two-wheeler insurance in India, but when it comes to relocating it to a new city, you can be caught unprepared. If you are unaware of the various important factors related to your two-wheeler insurance policy that must be taken care of during relocation, then here is all the information you need: 

  • 1. Update your address: First and foremost, you must inform your insurance company regarding the impending move and apply for an update of your address. Your mailing address serves as an important channel of communication between you and your insurer. By updating your address in the company records, you can avoid many issues later on when you need to submit a claim.
  • 2. Re-register your two-wheeler: If you are relocating for more than one year or permanently, it is advisable to re-register your vehicle to get a local registration number. For this, you need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous road transport office. Subsequently, notify your insurance company regarding this change through official channels, and you will have no issues later on while making a claim.
  • 3. Obtain NOC from Police: You must also obtain an NOC from your local police station as well as traffic police. This is to ensure that no challans or accident cases are pending against the vehicle. Obtaining these NOCs will guarantee that you do not face any problems in the new location. 
  • 4. Check Network of Cashless Garages: You can contact your insurance company regarding the availability of cashless garages in your new city. This will allow you to get any repair done on a cashless basis; otherwise, you will have to pay for the expenses from your pocket and later on, file a reimbursement claim.
  • 5. Upgrade your policy: Different cities can have different traffic situations, and this might prompt you to add or remove any cover from your insurance. If you feel the need to do so, get in touch with your insurance company and seek guidance on how to complete this process. Moreover, based on the zonal risk involved, the insurance company may increase or reduce your premium as well.
  • 6. No Claim Bonus: Do not worry about the No Claim Bonus (NCB) that you have accumulated against your 

    two-wheeler insurance in India

    . It will follow you wherever you go. NCB is offered to a driver, not to the vehicle, so even if you were to purchase a new two-wheeler or transfer to a new insurer, your NCB would stay intact. 

So, keep these points in mind while relocating and enjoy continued insurance coverage against your two-wheeler without any hassles.