Why should Senior Citizens get insurance policies

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Why should Senior Citizens get insurance policies?  20th Feb 2020


With the onset of old age, a lot of people start facing a variety of health-related problems and diseases. Such health issues can lead to the draining of the bank account as most of the people retire by the age of sixty. That's why senior citizens need to get an insurance policy that takes care of them during such health emergencies.

Almost all health insurance policies in India include the following features: -

  • Covering hospital charges like medicines and operation bills.
  • Ambulance charges are paid by the Mediclaim.
  • Hospital Bed expenses are handled by the insurance company
  • No medical test is required before availing the policy.
  • Easy health insurance policy renewal.
  • Preexisting diseases are also covered depending on the company and type of policy.

The benefits of getting health insurance in old age are explained as under: -

  • Uncertainty of age - Old age brings its share of happiness and sorrows. A variety of diseases can also strike to some unfortunate people. However, with the support of a

    health insurance policy

    , both terminal and lifestyle diseases can be easily dealt with.
  • Medical help - If you meet any accident or have any form of illness or disease, you might need medical help which can cost you a lot of money. But reimbursement for all these expenses can be availed under the insurance policy at any required time depending on the type of policy.
  • Sudden illness - Imagine this, you are having fun with your family on a fine day, but all of a sudden you feel a sharp stinging pain in your chest leading to a heart attack. You have no health insurance cover. Your family is not in a good place to provide for hospital bills and medical expenses. What would you do? Such imagination does not appeal to you, right? That is why you should purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy.
  • Serves investment purposes - If you are wondering what to do with the large sum of money your retirement brought along, investing in insurance policies can be a great option. It is extremely safe and can be useful in the future if any misfortune takes place. You can even select autohealth insurance policy renewal services and gain the advantage of long term insurance.
  • Beating medical inflation - With the constant rise in general inflation, the cost of medical services and treatment is also increasing. With a sufficient amount in medical insurance, you can make sure that any unfortunate disease or ailment at old age does not drill a hole in your pocket.
  • Saving tax - Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, you can claim a deduction for up to Rs. 30,000 against the premium paid against medical insurance cover. This payment can be made for yourself or any of your family members like your spouse or children.
  • Loan on insurance - If by any means you need a large sum of money to fulfil a few urgent requirements, you can even use the insurance amount to obtain a loan from banks or NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Institutions). You even earn interest and bonus on the insured amount with the company depending on their regulations.
  • Long story short, buying insurance for yourself and your family can always be helpful in some or the other way. You can gain financial advantages for a long duration of time, even if you do not require it for medical purposes. Also, make sure that you keep a close tab on your health insurance policy renewal, to continue enjoying long-term protection.