What is a personal accident cover, and how does it benefit you?

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What is a personal accident cover, and how does it benefit you?  20th Jar 2020


As per an official report released by the government, an astounding 469,910 road accidents were reported in 2017. Even though the number of accidents have been steadily declining over the past few years, an estimated 53 people get injured on Indian roads every single hour! Accidents are unfortunate, and there is no way to be prepared for them. However, while a personal accident cover (PAC) can’t alleviate the risk of accidents, it definitely covers the financial risk arising out of death, permanent or partial disability.

What does it cover?

A PAC covers any physical injury from a road, rail, air incident, burn injury, animal bite, injury due to collision or fall, drowning, poisoning, etc. It is available as an add-on option from insurance providers such as Magma HDI.

What are the types of PAC?

There are a few different types of PACs. While you can purchase a stand-alone policy, usually the coverage comes bundled as a rider with a life insurance plan. You could also buy limited period PACs when booking air or railway tickets. However, in the case of auto insurance, availing a PAC is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

What are some advantages of a PAC?

1. It helps your insurance portfolio: Many health insurance plans do not cover accidental medical emergencies. As an add-on cover to your health or motor insurance, a PAC helps you cover all bases. As far as add-ons are concerned, a PAC truly helps make your plan comprehensive.

2. Cost-effective: The premium for a PAC is minimal and affordable for all. For example, a 30-year-old male would have to pay less than Rs 1000 per annum for a Rs 10 lakh coverage. Thus, it gives you essential coverage without the hassle of a hefty additional fee.

3. Ease of availing: A PAC only needs your basic personal information. There is no need for a medical check-up or follow up documentation. It can be availed in a matter of minutes as it is simply added to your new/existing policy.

4. Hassle-free claim settlement: If you ever need to avail the benefits of PAC, all you would need to do is inform the insurance company of the time and date of the accident, your policy number and contact details. The claim settlement process is initiated immediately after that.

5. Children’s education benefit: For families, a major concern is taking care of our children in our absence. Some insurers also cover the education of dependent children, in case of death or permanent disability of the insured person to ensure a secure future for them.

What should you keep in mind before purchasing PAC?

Personal accident covers are also subject to exclusions like your insurance policy. Some of these are losses arising out of acts of war or terror, injuries resulting from participation in adventure sports etc. Make sure you read your plan's policy wordings thoroughly for a smooth experience if you ever do need to make a claim. When looking out for a PAC, choose one that offers worldwide coverage and other add-on benefits like Magma HDI’s individual personal accident cover.