What are the best practices to be followed in a corporate office

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What are the best practices to be followed in a corporate office?  05th Feb 2020

Motivated employees are the biggest asset of any company or organisation. They not only increase the overall productivity of the company but also generate better output. But the question arises, how to keep the employees motivated?

By implementing and following certain practices in the workplace, you can ensure that your employees give their best and develop both as a staff member as well as an individual. Given is a detailed explanation of the best practices to be followed in a corporate office:

  • State your expectations clearly - Many times, bottom level workers feel crushed under the expectations of the middle-level managers or employees. Therefore, as an executive, is utmost important for you to be very clear about what you expect from your employees. You should elaborate on the quality of work you expect from them, timelines, personnel role is in a certain project, and so on. This way, they do not feel the burden of work or meeting deadlines at the very last moment. Build a strong foundation of communication and mutual support.
  • Involve the employees - A surefire way to make any employee feel important is by involving him/her in the important decisions of the company. By taking their advice or opinions, you establish a feeling of trust and authority. For example, managers can ask their subordinates for their views on marketing strategies. This is bound to be successful as the employee gets motivated to work harder thinking of your company as his own!
  • Encourage feedback - Employers tend to establish dominance over their staff members. If that is the case in your organization, it needs to be changed! As an employee, you wouldn't want your superior to ignore all the suggestions and feedback you provide, then why should you neglect those of your team? A great way of building strong relationships with your employees is encouraging them to provide feedback after every meeting and respond to any issues or queries they have.
  • Fulfil their individual goals If you wish that your employees work for the betterment of your business, you must think of their personal goals. In many ways, you can add to their individual growth - for example, you can give regular bonuses, you can periodically increase their salaries. This way, they develop a stronger relationship with you as well as your company.
  • Use their talent : Any employee can develop a feeling of boredom or monotony if they work in an area which doesn't utilize their skills or talent. This not only results in dissatisfaction amongst the employees but also leads to a counterproductive routine in the organization. It is best to recognize the specialization of an employee and hire him on a suitable designation as well as assign him to work accordingly. This way, the tasks allocated to him will be done in the best possible manner and reduces the chances of that employee leaving your company.
  • Be open to errors: Humans tend to commit errors. Your employees too might make some of the other mistakes at some point in time. In such situations, it is best to take necessary corrective measures and guide them to not commit such mistakes in the future. Rather than   scolding them or making them feel bad about what happened, you must accept the mistake and be open towards it.

You can also make them aware of beneficial insurance policies and can help them in buying home insurance online if they moved to the city for working in your company. This way you can earn their trust as an employer and can expect the same from them.