The only travel packing list you will ever need!

The only travel packing list you will ever need! - By Nisha Trivedi    26th September 2019

“I don’t want to go on a holiday!” SAID NO ONE EVER.

Did you know that the research suggests that the work efficiency improves tremendously once we’re back from holidays!

Anyway enough with the preaching,  we all love the idea of sipping margheritas on the beach and say you’ve decided to take off to your dream destination this World Tourism Day.

The excitement is always so overwhelming that we forget to pack some essentials that are required on your much needed vacation.

Worry not we have compiled a checklist of all the travel essentials depending on the kind of trip you are taking. Solo? Family? Or a road trip with friends? 

Before you leave on a Vacation
  • Passport, Visa, Boarding pass (any other documents)
  • Travel plan – Make sure you set it up on your phone
  • Luggage regulations – This one come’s as a surprise most of the time, make sure you check the luggage limitations before booking a flight or mode of travel
  • Personal gadgets – Chargers, Power banks etc
While travelling with kids!
  • Entertainment – Games, tablets etc (these are a must unless you want a cranky kid on board)
  • Snacks and eatables
  • Medicines 
  • Infant seat at the back of your car
  • Diapers and wet wipes
With your better half or bae
  • Travel Guide
  • First aid
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel pillow
On a road trip:
  • Roadside emergency kit
  • Phone stand for Maps/GPS/Navigation
  • Fluids (if you have an older car)
  • Flashlight
  • An AUX cable for the music curated.
  • Make sure you keep your car protected from the damage while travelling get a car insurance now, click here. Go on now and explore!