Six car driving tips for first time car buyers

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Six car driving tips for first time car buyers  07th July 2021

Are you buying a new car? If you're a teenager, or an adult, getting a car is always a great feeling. So, excited to get behind the wheels but haven't driven a car before? Don't let the fact of being naïve hold you down because you have to begin from a lower level.
We bring some essential tips that will help boost your learning process for becoming a good driver. But, before that, don't forget to safeguard your vehicle with car insurance. We recommend you get car insurance even before you start learning how to drive.
Here are six car driving tips that every new driver should follow:

1. Get comfortable in your vehicle –

Multitasking is required while driving a car, particularly with the legs. With your feet, you must manage the clutch, brake, and accelerator. Therefore, make sure that you're positioned comfortably in the driver's seat. You should be at ease while reaching these controls. Maintain good posture, adjust your seat sliders, and place yourself in such a position where you can see all of the mirrors.

2. Hold the steering wheel in the correct manner –

This small thing is going to make a huge difference in your learning process. There's a lot you can learn about steering handling. But we'll just use the thumb rule for now. Much like a clock, grip the driving wheel with your hands at 9 and 3 o'clock for good steering control.

3. Avoid distractions –

Because most people become worried when driving, it's important to avoid anything that may lead you to lose attention and become distracted. Therefore, put your phone away because it may cause disturbance throughout the driving. The same holds true for music; we advise against playing loud music while learning how to drive.

4. Start slowly and increase progressively –

Begin your learning at a slow and steady pace. Keep a close eye on your speed and get used to it. Increase your driving speed once you're comfortable at the current speed.

5. Drive with a right mind-set –

Driving requires a lot of focus as a novice to know when to push the clutch and which way to shift the gear. Your behaviour may impact and hinder your learning process if you're uptight or in a foul mood.

6. Drive-in all situations and with different vehicles –

Get off the familiar territory and explore new routes once you've learned the basics and are comfortable with your inputs. Again, don't go all-in on a congested city trip. Take things slowly, and don't be scared to experiment with different cars. This will help you in gaining self-assurance and achieving your objective more quickly.
To sum it all, the above tips will help you in becoming a good driver, but keep in mind that the road is full of unknowns. You must safeguard your brand new vehicle with car insurance. Even if you are not at fault, a vehicle accident may be costly. Moreover, managing and paying for it can be expensive, time-consuming and hectic. A good car insurance policy beforehand comes for your car's protection.

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