Roadtripping on your favorite ride, here's what you need to do to gear up

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Roadtripping on your favorite ride, here's what you need to do to gear up  20th Jar 2020


Road trips on a car are enthralling. These drives fill our camera rolls with memorable moments that we recall with much fondness. If you are planning a road trip this season, congratulations — you have made the right decision. You have to take care of certain things before you decide to hit the highways to make sure that you drive is smooth. To start with, you should first get the best car insurance in India so that you do not land into any legal trouble. That done, you will have a big burden taken off your mind. Here, we will look at a few ways through which you can better gear up for your next road trip.

1. Paper and digital maps

Make sure that your phone has an active internet connection so that you do not miss out on those essential twists and turns, and those much-needed shortcuts while travelling. However, you cannot wholly rely on digital maps. Several regions may not have a cellular network, and this is where a physical map might come handy. Carry a detailed map so that you never get lost while you throttle you way down the highway.

2. Extra money

Financial planning is essential before a road trip. You will need cash for food, lodgings (if you are staying overnight at a motel), and other miscellaneous expenses. Do not solely rely on plastic money, as there will be several places that will accept only cash. Also, make it a point to carry a decent bit of extra cash in case something unfortunate happens, such as your car breaking down. Breaking dows, well — this also brings us to our next point.

3. Carry spare parts and a toolkit

Highways are long, and often there are miles between service shops. Make sure that you carry a spare tire in case you meet a puncture. You should also carry a toolkit and a service manual to make sure that you can fix the basic problems that you might run into. It would help if you also made yourself comfortable with the basic repair guide so that the task of repairing the car does not turn out to be overwhelming.

4. Carry enough water

In the worst of scenarios when you get stranded, there is one thing that you will need the most — water! Things might get quite nasty if you get stranded in a place where there are no water sources, Always make it a point to carry a few large bottles of water to keep yourself going while you try to get yourself out of the mess.

5. Carry a first aid kit

You never know when things might go off-road and you meet with a small accident. This can happen off-road as well. To deal with the consequences, make sure to carry a first aid kid which will help you get through before you receive medical attention. With these basic points in mind, you can be assured that your trip will be smooth. If you are worried about the best car insurance in India, then you can opt for Magma HDI car insurance as it offers a host of features, such as additional cover, discount on premiums, access to and access to anti-theft devices, among others.