Road safety rules for citizens of India

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Road safety rules for citizens of India  24th Jan 2020


A lot of people become victim to unfortunate road accidents. Merely witnessing an accident can leave a huge impact on the mind of an individual. Imagine the situation of those who have to go through such misfortune. That is why the Indian government always insists on following road safety rules.

It is very important to have car insurance for your vehicle to reimburse you for the losses suffered due to an accident. But as someone has wisely said, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, following road safety rules should be the topmost priority of every single person driving a vehicle. Road safety rules are made by the government for the safety of those on the road - be it people driving vehicles or pedestrians.

The given road safety rules are for the safety of Indian citizens and must be understood as well as followed by everyone: -

Use of indicators - While changing directions or taking a turn on either side of the road, using an indicator is very important. If you wish to turn left, keep left with your indicator light on and turn when there is no vehicle following too closely to avoid a collision. Similar is the case while turning right.

Overtaking - A lot of people are in a hurry to reach somewhere, that's why they keep on driving past the other vehicles. If you are in such a situation, always remember that if you want to overtake the vehicle driving ahead of you, it needs to be done from the right side. Never overtake in a curve as it might lead to obstruction of the view of the other driver. Also, if the vehicle ahead does not slow down, overtaking might end up in an accident.

Helmets and seat belts - You all must be familiar with this rule! The government lays special emphasis on the use of seat belts in cars and wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers. If any accident happens, the damage to your car can be covered through policies issued from the best car insurance company in India, but your safety is not guaranteed by any means. That is why you should make sure that you undertake all safety measures like wearing helmets and seat belts while driving.

Noise- Unnecessary honking can be very irritating to other drivers as well as pedestrians. Thus, you must use the horn only when required. Avoid using it in prohibited places like hospital areas, school areas and others. Also, ensure that the horn in your vehicle does not make a loud and blaring noise.

Following distance - Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you is also a very important thing. In case the driver applies his brakes all of a sudden, you might not be able to engage your brakes at the same time, and this might end up in a collision.

Documents - All required documents ranging from RC book of your vehicle to the car insurance papers, your driving license, PUC (Pollution Under Control) license and others, should be kept inside the vehicle so that you can access them whenever required.

Traffic signals - Traffic lights are present at junctions or intersections of four roads. If not, there might be traffic police officers or authorized persons giving directions to the vehicles that must be followed. At such crossings, move carefully so that no inconvenience is caused to any other vehicle. You should always allow vehicles to turn right and avoid blocking the right side of the road.

Emergency vehicles - Certain vehicles like ambulances and firetrucks work for saving the lives of people and it is your duty as a responsible citizen to give way to them.

If you have purchased a new vehicle, make sure that before everything else, you contact the best car insurance company in India to reap the benefits of their policies and also enjoy superior protection against possible incidents.