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How to Secure Your Home Against Calamities?   12th March 2020

It's an old adage "New or Old - Home is where the heart is". Whether you have moved into a new house or have just had your entire house renovated, you want to make sure that it is safe from calamities. You need to make sure that you can reduce the damage to your house in case there is a natural disaster and that you won’t need to pay a hefty amount trying to fix that damage. One of the best ways is to always have home insurance. With there being so many in the market, it isn’t that difficult to find the best home insurance in India. Here are some ways to secure your home against calamities: -

Get Home Insurance: Always having home insurance in place is one of the best ways to protect your house from any calamities. Home insurance will cover a certain proportion of the costs of repairing or will protect against any damage due to fire, a flood, an earthquake or other such disasters. So, if there were to be a calamity, you wouldn’t need to pay for all the costs of repairing from your own pocket; the insurance company will pay for most of it. Do a little research and choose only the best home insurance in India.

  • Have a strong foundation: If you live in a house and not an apartment in a building, make sure to bolt the house to the foundation. When constructing or renovating the house, make it a point to secure the house to its foundations so it won’t be uprooted when there is an earthquake, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone region.
  • Know how to turn off the utilities or electricity: When there is a natural disaster, the chances are that you won’t really have a lot of time to turn off all the electrical switches, water taps or the gas. So, you must always be prepared. Know where the main electrical board is or where the main source of the gas is, so you can just turn them off during an emergency instead of scampering around trying to turn off individual taps or switches.
  • Do not put off any repairs: Whether there is a tap leaking, a hole in the wall or the roof, or the door isn’t properly hinged to the wall, do not procrastinate when it comes to fixes these problems. You cannot predict a disaster, and when it does hit, the slightest gap or the smallest hole will allow water to enter into the house and eventually flood it. In case of a storm or tornado, a loose door could ultimately break, and you wouldn’t have much protection from the strong winds or the damage they may cause.
  • Try to use fire-proof materials: Trying to construct the house entirely with fire-proof material is not possible. However, the wires used must be all fire-proof. During a natural disaster, wires can possibly cause a fire, and using water to put it out would only be more dangerous. So, you must make sure that the wires you have running all over your house will not catch fire.
  • Being a homeowner, you need to keep a lot of things in mind to ensure that your property is safe from any damages and a natural disaster is something no one can predict so the only option is to be fully prepared.