How to port your health insurance with Magma HDI

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How to port your health insurance with Magma HDI - Magma HDI  21th Jan 2020


Health insurance policies are of financial backbone — a lifesaver. When it comes to choosing a health insurance policy for family and yourself, it is essential that you select the best option that is out there. With health insurance policies going online, it has become much easier to compare policies. If you have already opted for a policy but want to change to a new one, then you get the option to port your health insurance as well. Since Magma HDI health insurance comes with a host of features, it is a good idea to port your existing health insurance to Magma HDI. The option of porting comes when you opt for your new insurance. The process is entirely smooth and hassle-free, and you do not have to break your head over it. Besides, if you come across any hindrances in the process, the support team will always be there to assist you. However, before you decide to port your policy, make sure that you have read the policy documents of Magma HDI health insurance carefully. It is crucial for you to be sure of the additional benefits that you will be receiving.

Conditions for porting policy

If you want to port your health insurance policy for family or yourself, then you have to make sure that you start the process while your existing plan is still in force. If your policy has expired, then you cannot move ahead with the porting process.

Portability form

To port your existing health insurance to Magma HDI you will need a porting farm along with the new policy’s proposal form. You have to submit your new policy at least 45 days before your new policy expires. You must mention the details of your existing health insurer in the porting form.

Documents required for porting

● Copy of your insurance renewal notice of the existing policy

● A declaration which states that you have made no claims so far

● Discharge summary, in case you have made a claim on your policy along with copies of the investigation report

● A record of your past medical history with treatment records

The porting process

After you have acquired all the papers, the next step towards porting the policy is submitting it to Magma HDI. Your documents will be reviewed, and if everything falls in place, your porting request will be accepted. You will get a proposal within fifteen days after submitting the form to Magma HDI. It is a great option to port your health insurance policy for family or yourself to Magma HDI. With Magma HDI health insurance, you get access to several key benefits such as maternity cover, cumulative bonus on your policy, loss of income cover, and worldwide emergency cover, among others. You also get access to features such as optional cover for critical illness, option cover to reduce your premium, cashless hospitalization across more than 4,100 hospitals, and 25x7 claim assistance among others.