Eleven good habits every two-wheeler rider should follow

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Eleven good habits every two-wheeler rider should follow  14th Oct 2021


The two-wheeler segment is considered the most convenient mode of commutation in our country. It is believed that 'life is better on two wheels.' With a couple of benefits like fuel efficiency, compact design, and budget-friendliness, two-wheelers are people's personal favourite to withstand the fast pace of life. From youths to retirees, you will find a large Indian population riding two-wheelers.

Despite many worthy features, two-wheelers elevate the risk involved in riding them. No matter how good your driving skills are, you can't deny the risks involved with two-wheelers. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook it while riding two-wheelers. Following traffic and safety rules is essential even if you have many years of experience under your belt. In addition, pursue another good habit of renewing your 2 wheeler insurance to ensure security in case of mishaps.

We bring these eleven good habits every rider should consider:

1. Start your two-wheeler only after wearing the helmet. It is unlawful and dangerous to ride a two-wheeler or a bike without wearing a proper helmet. The helmet should be ISI certified and of the best fit.

2. Always go for a bike that you can comfortably ride and control. Choose one that is appropriate for your physical capabilities, low maintenance, and compliments your budget.

3. Overtaking a vehicle from the left is always the wrong decision you'd ever make. Stay away from overtaking at intersections, schools and public zones, bridges. Honk before you take a turn.

4. The rider must be visible to other vehicles during the night and extreme weather conditions like fog. Stick reflective bands on the helmet, use dipper lights appropriately, especially when riding at night.

5. Riders must be cautious of their proximity to the vehicles ahead of them. Understand the distance required to go to a complete halt and brake correspondingly.

6. Maintain your motorcycle or scooter in excellent working condition and get regular servicing at an authorized workshop or service centre.

7. Always look out and be aware of potential dangers such as speed bumps, potholes, environmental disasters, and pedestrian crosswalks.

8. Obey all traffic rules religiously. Always signal first so that others can anticipate your next action. Make sure you don't slam on the brakes or make sharp bends suddenly.

9. Using your phone on the bike is a big threat for the rider and the pillion rider. If it is exceptionally urgent, pull over your bike at the side of the road to use your phone.

10. Only because you own a vehicle does not make you superior on the road. Be considerate of pedestrians and allow them to move before you in all situations.

11. In addition, an overall increase in service cost, maintenance fee, or a sudden accident may impact your financial plan. So, prepare for uncertainties in advance with 2 wheeler insurance.

2 wheeler insurance

will not just cover your finances at times of damage but will also provide you with compensation if your two-wheeler is stolen.

Keep the above-mentioned habits in mind and enjoy the pleasure of a bike ride to chase more smiles per hour.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.