Consider These 5 Points When You Want to Sell Your Car!

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Consider These 5 Points When You Want to Sell Your Car!   26th Feb 2020

Cars are a great means of making your daily commute easier since they allow you to travel at any point in the day, according to your schedule and not that of the metro or the public bus. So, it is no surprise that most people prefer to have a car. However, they are quite expensive and are a major investment. In such a case, many choose to buy a used car, also known as a second-hand car and then buy a car insurance policy online. If you are the one selling your car to someone, there are a few things you must consider, and they are as follows: -

Get All the Paperwork in Order: Since it is a vehicle that you are selling, it is important that you organise all the paperwork that came with it, which includes the registration certificate, pollution certificate, documents pertaining to its servicing, Regional Transport Office (RTO) tax receipts or files, etc. since the new owner would need them for various legal purposes such as paying taxes.

Update Your Insurance Company: As a car owner, you most probably have car insurance to protect you from any unwanted expenses or damages. When you are planning on selling your car, contact the insurance company to inform them of the same, and to try to transfer the policy onto your new vehicle or to claim the credit in the event that your car was well-maintained. Your insurance policy shall not transfer to the new owner unless you wish for it too.

Evaluate the Cost: You do not wish to lose money when you sell your car, even if the chances of earning a profit are low. Make sure to check the price of the car in the showroom and to do thorough research on the mean price of the same car but in a used condition. It is best to consult a car trader since they would be able to quote the best prices for your car.

Keep it Clean: Just because you have decided to give it away does not mean you should no longer take care of it. The new owners would be paying a decent amount for the car, and it is only fair that they receive it in good condition. Get it cleaned or even serviced before you finally sell it since seeing the car in poor condition could discourage the potential buyer from going through with the transaction.

Decide Who You Want to Sell the Car: One of the most important decisions to make is regarding the car’s buyer. You need to evaluate the various options and decide whether you want to sell the car to a complete stranger, an independent car dealer or to the original car dealership. Once you do make the decision, do not forget to conduct a thorough background check before you actually hand it over.

Selling your car or buying a second-hand car is a major decision, one which must be made after proper consideration. No matter what the case it, make sure to buy a car insurance policy online or offline to minimise the effects of any damages that may occur in the future. Also, make sure that you renew the policy on time to enjoy continued protection.