Is your car ready for a safe spin post lockdown

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Is your car ready for a safe spin post lockdown?     By Soumen Boyal

Life has been kind of different in the past two months, with minimal exposure to the outside world. Indeed, one crucial part of everyday life that we all miss is going to our offices. As work from home became the norm, meetings that happened in client’s conference rooms were replaced with e-meetings. The lunchtime chatter was substituted with a discussion of pending daily chores. While few may feel that work from home had perks like hot home-cooked meals for lunch (cooking at home became a compulsion for our safety), and the casual Friday clothing all days of the week but nobody will disagree that economy is suffering.

While COVID-19 may have altered our lives, but, it is crucial to get back to business. We must try and become better than earlier so that business of business, living and fighting Corona Virus can go on together. Pre-caution, vigilance and immunity/preparedness are the key operating sentiment. Some of these skills that we acquired as part of evolutionary growth will become sharper.

As we plan to get back, we will need to re-establish our routines. Your travel companion, your vehicle deserves your attention It is “it” that will run and literally carry you for business. After months of being out of focus, it is time we brought back the lights. Before you go out, here is a mandatory checklist for you to perform at least a couple of days before you start - Check whether your insurance policy is still valid. In case your policy has expired during the lockdown, do not worry. Just click on the link below to renew your Motor policy. (Provide renewal link)

Give a nice look to your vehicle form all the sides and see if there is any accidental damage. In case you find one immediately reach out to us. Also check for leaks, corroded fittings, rotten hoses or compromised seals. In case you find any immediately contact the car service centre for remediation.

- Ascertain whether your vehicle battery is charged or not. You will not be able to self-start the vehicle if the battery is dead. In case it is do not worry, our road side assistance program is there to help the customers.

-Check tyre air pressure and avoid ride disturbance that could happen due to inadequate tyre pressure. Do you see flat spot the spots that come on the tyre, if a vehicle sits for too long. Weight of the vehicle causes flat spots on the tyre where the rubber meets the road. While it may not be a cause if immediate concern but it does impact the tyre in the long run.

Agree that you couldn’t clean your car and dirt has piled up on the surface but hold. Don’t wipe the surface directly with a damp cloth. Ideally we should remove the dust sing a dry cloth or with an air pump otherwise using the damp cloth will cause swirl marks.

Clean the wipers with a damp cloth and avoid damage to wiper and windscreen

Check your running lights. Activate turn signals, headlights, brake lights, and high beams to ensure they are functional.

Now that you have reached a stage where everything mentioned above checks a tick on your list it is time to go for a quick spin. Take your car out for 20-minute drive close to home. It will loosen everything up and evaporate the moisture in the exhaust and in the engine. It will also give you a chance to listen for any rattles and engine misses while keeping an eye on the vehicle's gauges for abnormal engine temperatures, battery charging, and oil pressure.