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IDNSlot Deposit Dana COMPUTER SIMPLE COMMUNICATION TOOLS - IDNSlot Depo Dana Computer devices can be a means of communication for all people in this world, and are very much needed by other communities in carrying out friendships with families who are far away, Computer Communication makes it very easy for people to always communicate. Advances in communication technology in Indonesia can make changes to attitudes and users, this can have both good and bad impacts. For good impact: if you want to find information, you only need to search on the Internet.

This can make your activities much easier and better. For a bad example, minors can access pornographic sites, therefore parents must be able to accompany their children in using the computer so that unwanted things do not happen. This is very dangerous in the personality of your children later, so we must be wise in using computers.


IDNSlot Depo Dana The cause of a slow computer, of course, must be very well known by everyone who uses a computer. Especially today's computer is very important for people’s lives in the world. Moreover, those who work in the field of business or offices are very important, therefore if a slow computer is very annoying to you while you are working and makes you delay your work.

Your computer is slow because you rarely clean it and it is not cared for properly. Therefore you have to know why the computer is slow and how to fix it so that it doesn’t slow down.

Hard Disk Problem
All you have to know is the cause of the slow or lola, which is the main problem with the Hard Disk. because if the hard disk has been used for a very long time, then you have to replace it with a new hard disk. Old hard drives also have an age limit. Old Hard Discs will affect the overall performance and speed.
A lot of data also gives a slow computer factor, if your hard disk is full it is likely that a Lola computer will occur. Therefore it would be better to buy a new Hard Disc. Slot Deposit Dana


The number of programs that are opened can make your computer slow or slow, temporary can really function to speed up programs on frequently visited sites, only temporary can also cause the computer to be slow or slow. For example, if the Hard Disc is almost full, this place for temporary files takes up a lot of Hard Disc space. To overcome this, you can use the temporary files application on your PC.

Therefore, most startup programs can also be one of the causes of a slow or laggy computer. You see, there are many applications that run behind the scenes automatically when you turn on the PC. The number of applications running can cause your computer to run or slow down. Automatically you really interfere with your activities while playing on the computer. It really hampers your work and can take 3-5 minutes plus it still has a very long loading time problem.

When opening the computer, many application programs are running. Ram will always work too hard to allocate all the contents that are located in that application at startup. It is very bad because it will make RAM very burdened. Therefore, if you rarely open application programs in one day, that is what causes your PC to slow down or slow down because of the limited RAM you have.

To overcome one of the factors causing this slow computer, you need to turn off some startup programs that are currently running on your computer by typing ms config on the start menu then at that time select the start-up tab and turn off some startup running programs that take up a lot of RAM such as Tune up utilities if any.


Other causes can also cause your computer to slow down, namely the browser factor, when you open the browser, you must often open a lot of tabs that are not useful because that’s what causes your computer to slow down. Because it takes a big load on the computer’s RAM. For example, if you open 15 tabs on the same day, of course, the computer’s RAM load will also be 15 times, for that reason if you want your computer to not run or slow down, open the program you want, if you don’t need the program. To do this, close the program so that you can play the computer, not slow or slow, it will help your activities and work while playing on the computer.


If you’ve done various ways to avoid your computer lola or slow, as described above, but the cause of the computer lola or slow is still not resolved, then it’s likely that your computer is being attacked by malware. This can hinder and slow down your work performance while playing on the computer. To be able to solve this Malware problem, you can download and use several anti-virus such as Smadav, Bitdefender, McAfee, AVG, Pc Protect.  IDNSlot Deposit Dana / 


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