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Getting to Know Rhythmic Instruments

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Getting to Know Rhythmic Instruments

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Getting to Know Rhythmic Instruments -
Slot Deposit Dana Music is one of the most popular means of entertainment. Not only as mere entertainment, some people also use music as a means of relaxation or ritual. Based on their function, musical instruments are divided into three, namely melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic.
Rhythmic musical instruments are musical instruments that are used to adjust the tempo of the song or are only played as rhythm accompaniment. Generally, this instrument is played by hitting it. Even so, there are some rhythmic musical instruments that are played by swiping or shaking.

In contrast to several types of musical instruments such as piano, guitar, and flute. Rhythmic instruments cannot produce certain notes. However, rhythmic instruments have an important role in a song because they can create harmony, both when combined with other instruments or alone.

Functions of Rhythmic Instruments
The following are the functions and types of rhythmic musical
slot depo dana instruments. Rhythmic musical instruments have various functions, such as making a song more lively and beautiful to hear.
In addition, rhythmic musical instruments are also often used to adjust the tempo of a song. It can be said that rhythmic musical instruments are complementary to other instruments.
More specifically, the functions of rhythmic musical instruments are as follows:
  • Coreografi
As is well known, the function of the most common rhythmic instrument is as an accompaniment to the song.
Usually, before the dance is accompanied by pitched music, it will first be accompanied by rhythmic musical instruments. surely this is to be set tempo as a sign from one movement to another.
  • Harmonization
One of the functions of rhythmic musical instruments that is no less important is as harmonization with other musical instruments.
Usually, in an orchestral musical performance, rhythmic musical instruments are needed to combine various musical elements in it. Therefore, rhythmic musical instruments have an important role in this musical performance. 
  • Setting Tempo
A Harmonious song is usually performed at the right tempo. Rhythmic musical instruments as tempo controllers have an important role in the process of creating songs and when playing them.
Types of Rhythmic Instruments
As is well known, rhythmic musical instruments are musical slot777 deposit dana instruments that are used as rhythm accompaniment. Generally, rhythmic musical instruments are played by hitting or rubbing.
Some Examples of Rhythmic Instruments
  • Kendang
Kendang is one type of rhythmic musical instrument that is popular in Indonesia. This musical instrument which is played by hitting it is usually played as a complement to accompany gamelan music. 
Some performances that use this type of musical instrument such as wayang shows, jaipong dances, or campur sari. 
  • Rebana
is a type of rhythmic musical instrument made of leather and wood in the form of a flat round tube. Usually, Rebana are used in Islamic-breathing activities or sholawat which are influenced by Middle Eastern culture.
Over time, many musical groups or musicians have been found that combine Rebana with elements of modern musical instruments. 
  • Tambourine
One type of rhythmic musical instrument that produces two sounds at once is the tambourine. This traditional musical instrument has a rattling sound that comes from the impact of metal on the sides.
Meanwhile, the second sound is a wasp sound coming from the membrane.
  • Drum
One type of rhythmic musical instrument that is currently being favored by young people is the drum. This type of musical instrument made of leather or plastic is usually played by hitting it with a special bat or stick.
Generally, drums are used to accompany jazz, pop, and rock music performances.
  • Chestnut
The next type of rhythmic musical instrument is the castanet. This musical instrument that has a shell-like shape with a unique color, is usually played with only two or three fingers.
So, this type of rhythmic instrument is very easy to play.


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