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Dragon Ball Mod 1.12/1.11.2 for Minecraft: Sacred Dragons | Immortal Dragon

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Dragon Ball Mod 1.12/1.11.2 for Minecraft: Sacred Dragons | Immortal Dragon

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Dragon Ball Mod is a Minecraft mod that brings Dragon Ball to the world of Minecraft. Dragon Ball Mod 1.12/1.11 will allow you to recruit sacred dragons - immortal dragons who are known as the Dragon Balls in the anime series Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z and DragonBall GT. These can be used to summon Shenron, who will grant your wishes!
Dragon Ball Mod is a programming mod inspired by the famous Japanese manga series. Surely you have heard this name before. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are in the seven dragon balls. Dragon Ball Mod is worthy of being a mod that brings you back to your childhood.
Programmed in the golden age of modding, Minecraft is simple and virtually barrier-free. It allows Mod Developers to release freely. Dragon Ball Mod has demonstrated all the functions that people can expect from a mod related to Dragon Ball Z. You can even summon Shenron to receive wishes.Dragon Ball Mod
Dragon Ball Mod brings many functional systems: Mission system, score system, self-created skills, different mechanisms, training minigames, self-created human appearance. Besides, it also offers a selection of different species such as Saiyan or Namek.
Specifically, Dragon Ball Mod for Minecraft adds 7 dragon balls to the world of magic squares. You can craft Dragon Radar to find the Dragon Balls like the mission that Songoku and friends have to perform in the Dragon Ball series. However, the radar will point to the pearl number 1, then number 2, number 3, etc., not the process that happens in the story.

Thanks to Dragon Ball Mod for Minecraft, Minecraft game players will have an adventure far and wide in search of precious dragon balls. Owning all 7 dragon balls helps you survive and receive valuable rewards. You can wish for anything you want. When they find the last gem, they will spawn on the map in different locations. You will have to continue the journey to find and make new wishes.In parallel with the wish after finding all 7 dragon balls, Shenron - the immortal dragon, should have appeared. But instead, you have to put all the dragon balls into the crafting grid in exchange for 1 wish (it can be any item). You make a wish in the crafting grid. What you get depends on where you put them. Placed in the middle below will grant you another wish.This Minecraft mod also adds Flying Nimbus as a wish. It allows you to fly whenever it is in storage. So make Flying Nimbus your first wish. This makes it easier for you to find Dragon Balls.
Skill Kamejoko Kami Palace (next to Korin the cat god residence) Screenshots:
Download Links:
Dragon Ball Mod For Minecraft 1.11.2:download 
Dragon Ball Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2:download
 Author: exline
How to install Dragon Ball Mod
  • First, the computer needs the Minecraft Forge program to download the mod.
  • Access the Minecraft folder.
  • On a Windows computer, from the Start menu, open Run, enter the command %appdata% and then click the Run button.
  • On a Mac, from Open Finder, hold down Alt and then Go > Library in the upper menu bar. Open the Application Support folder to find Minecraft.
  • Put the newly downloaded mod (.jar extension) into the Mods folder. When opening the Minecraft game, press the Mods button to immediately play the newly installed mod. 


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