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BSL Shaders 1.17.1/1.12.2 - Realistic Minecraft Graphics!

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BSL Shaders 1.17.1/1.12.2 - Realistic Minecraft Graphics!

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BSL Shaders is a shader pack for Minecraft: Java Edition with high customization and optimization. BSL Shaders includes customizable real-time shadows, volumetric light, ambient occlusion, bloom, cloud and water, and built-in anti-aliasing. BSL shaders has an installer which installs the BSL core files to your game folder automatically. There are many configuration settings that can be changed in this shader pack.


  • Latest Optifine intergration.
  • Bright color boost and saturation.
  • Unique cel shading.
  • Modifiable-scaling SSAO.
  • Motion blur (compatible with dof).
  • Edge Detect Occlusion.
  • Edge bump.
  • 2D Clouds.

BSL Shaders Mod Installation:

  • Download and install Optifine 1.16.4
  • Download the shaderpack
  • Download and install GLSL Shaders.
  • Put the shaderpack inside .minecraft\shaderpacks
    Launch Minecraft
  • Open Options, Video Settings, Shaders
    Choose BSL Shaders
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.

BSL Shaders Mod for Minecraft [1.17.1-1.12.2-1.11.2-1.10.2] Download Links:

BSL Shaders
For Minecraft Versions 1.10.2 - 1.12.2:BSL Shaders Standard:  
For Minecraft Versions 1.14.3: 
For Minecraft Versions 1.14.4
For Minecraft Versions 1.16.1 (BSL ver 7.1): 
For Minecraft Versions 1.16.2 (BSL ver 7.2): 
For Minecraft Versions 1.16.4 (BSL ver 7.2):download 
For Minecraft Versions 1.16.5 (BSL ver 8.0.0):download  
For Minecraft Versions 1.17.1 (BSL ver 8.1):download


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