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Solar Flux: Redstone Flux Generators That Run Off of Sunlight

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Solar Flux: Redstone Flux Generators That Run Off of Sunlight

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Solar Flux is a mod originally created by Nauktis and continued by MrDimkas_Studio and Ircmaan under the name Solar Flux Reborn. It adds Redstone Flux (RF) generators that run off of sunlight. It adds 8 (10 if Draconic Evolution is installed) tiers of solar panels, all with increasing energy generation rates, internal energy storage, and faster energy transfer rates. Before the mod was ported to Minecraft 1.9.4, Solar Flux's recipes would use Thermal Expansion 4 components if available.

Details of Solar Flux RebornIt is a Minecraft modification appearing with 8 different tiers of solar panels by default. Note! It is completely configurable. Further, as of 4.33r, it’s possible to build custom panels with custom textures, names, and FE rates.Besides, Version 1.14.4 does not run with Java 11.
Blocks:We will have a lot of objects in the present field.

  • Solar Panel I – Solar Panel VII
  • Wyvern Solar Panel (establish Draconic Evolution)
  • Draconic Solar Panel (requires Draconic Evolution)
  • Dark Matter Solar Panel (asks Black Hole Storage)
  • Alchemical Solar Panel (needs Thaumcraft)
  • Brass Solar Panel (Thaumcraft)
  • Thaumium Solar Panel (Thaumcraft)
  • Void Metal Solar Panel (Thaumcraft)
  • Neutronium Solar Panel (Avaritia)
  • Solar Panel of Infinity (Avaritia)
Items:There are plenty of materials such as:

  • Mirror
  • Photovoltaic Cell I – Photovoltaic Cell VI
  • Dark Matter Photovoltaic Cell (set out Black Hole Storage)
  • Blank Upgrade
Upgrades:It is the most interesting part of Solar Flux Reborn, comprising:

  • Efficiency:up to 20, 20 = 2x gen
  • Transfer Rate Upgrade: 10, 10 = 2.5x transfer
  • Capacity Upgrade: 10, 10 = 2x capacity
  • Traversal Upgrade: The panel will unleash the power to machines combined with each other within 5 block range.
  • Dispersive Upgrade: Charge characters nearby
  • Block Charging Upgrade: Connect it to the cube it will offer energy before installing!
  • Furnace Upgrade
Notable featuresThere are some significant features of Solar Flux Reborn here.Configuration:It’s feasible to configure the tiers and their production/capacity to meet your demands.
Solar Panels:They can auto-share the resource when they get close to another without cables.
“Vanilla” recipes:They are provided by the author of the original mod Nauktis.
Cables:They pop up in Cable Flux.
Addons:Wearable Solars: You can attach any solar panel to any helmet gear.Solar Flux Reborn Mod is downloadable currently! Get ready to produce FE and RF? Don’t ignore Minecraft Forge!
How to Solar Flux Reborn Mod
Here is the best guide to help you launch Solar Flux Reborn

  • Firstly, make sure that you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge and Mantle Mod!
  • Set the right location for the Minecraft application folder

    • From the Windows, please access Run on the Start Menu. Then, type “%appdata%” and choose the Run button.
    • From the Mac Open Finder, press down Alt and Left-click on Go -> Library on the top-screen menu bar. Enter the folder Application Support and search for “Minecraft”!
  • Drop the mod Solar Flux Reborn that you have already downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods directory!
  • After you embark on Minecraft and left-click on the Mods icon, you will find Solar Flux Reborn is set up!
Solar Flux Reborn Mod Download Links
Solar Flux Reborn
Minecraft Game version 1.12.2:download 
Minecraft Game version 1.14.4:download 
Minecraft Game version 1.15.2:download 
Minecraft Game version 1.16.3:download 
Minecraft Game version 1.16.5:download


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