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Welcome to the Jungle Mod 1.14: The New Ecosystem

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Welcome to the Jungle Mod 1.14: The New Ecosystem

Yoda Posts: 1057 Join Date: 4/14/21 Recent Posts
The Welcome to the Jungle Mod is a mod for Minecraft that continues with the natural survival style of Minecraft like Welcome to the Jungle Mod. With each change related to the ecosystem, Welcome to the Jungle Mod changes color and allows you to manipulate it in many different ways. The game is easily installed on many models, so if you're looking for an interesting new world experience then give Welcome to the Jungle Mod a try!

  • In order to see the two new biomes, set world type to Meincraft: Jungle. The mod can, however, function on a standard world type. The mods armour is soulbound, this may cause clashes with any mods you use that keep items after death. The new achievements are viewable by opening achievements and clicking the button that says Minecraft. All items, except spawn eggs, are found in their own tab of the creative inventory. Eggs are under Misc with all the others.
  • The two bosses have scaling maximum health – the more players that are near them, the larger the boss health. This adjusts on the fly. The new current health is recalculated as a percentage of the old, e.g. if a boss is at 75% health while fighting 10 players then 5 runaway (or die) the boss’s new maximum health will go down, but the health bar will remain at 75% full.
Welcome to the Jungle Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links:


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