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Just Enough Items: A Mod Born in the Previous Version 1.17.1/1.16.5 After "

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Just Enough Items: A Mod Born in the Previous Version 1.17.1/1.16.5 After "

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Do you love Just Enough Items Mod? Just Enough Items is a mod that was born in the previous version 1.17.1/1.16.5 after “problems” which had mods such as Too Many Items and Not Enough Items to adapt to all the changes related to the modifications to the subsequent subversions of Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5
Just Enough Items Mod, broadly allows us to do three things: First, you can consult recipes of any object of Minecraft, and several mods by simply pressing "R" key on block or object in question; Secondly, we can see uses of that object by pressing "U"; Thirdly, we have Setup button which allows us

Just Enough Items Mod Controls:Basic Controls: (Minecraft Options -> Controls)
  • Show Recipes: Hover over item + R
  • Show Uses: Hover over item + U
  • Toggle Item List Overlay: Control-O
Other Shortcuts:
  • Next/Previous page of items: Scroll Wheel
  • Next/Previous page of recipes: Scroll Wheel
  • Show Recipes (Item List): Click Item or type R
  • Show Uses (Item List): Right-Click Item or type U
  • Show all Recipes: Click the recipe category’s name
Search Bar:
  • Select Search Bar: Click or Control-F
  • Clear Search: Right Click
  • Previous Search: Up Arrow (work-in-progress feature)
  • Search by Mod Name: Type @ in front of a mod name, like “@thaum”
  • Find item from a mod: Terms work together, like “wand @thaum silv”
  • Multiple Searches: Separate terms with | characters, like “wrench|hammer”
With Cheat Mode Active:
  • Give Stack: Click Item
  • Give One: Right-Click Item
  • Delete Item: Drop Item into the Item List
With Item List Edit Mode Active: (These controls are shown in-game on the item tooltip)
  • Hide Item: Control-Click Item
  • Hide Items and Sub-Items: Control-Right-Click Item
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