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Tips for students in distance education … the pros and cons of distance edu

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Tips for students in distance education … the pros and cons of distance edu

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Tips for students in distance education help us to excel in study in addition to understanding different concepts during distance study, and it is worth noting that there are many countries that have relied on the distance education system to ensure that the new Corona epidemic does not spread in educational circles, and Microsoft Teams is one Among the most prominent programs that have been used for this purpose, as well as Blackboard and Zoom programs as more:<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->عرض بوربوينت فيزياء 3 مقررات
Tips for students in distance education
There are many tips that students can follow to be able to excel in their studies through the distance education system, as many countries of the world have adopted this system instead of going to schools in order to maintain the safety of students and ensure that they are not infected with the emerging corona virus, and here are some From distance learning tips:[1] 
Determine the appropriate place: The student must choose the appropriate place of study to be able to absorb all the information given by the teacher without the presence of confusion that leads to low levels of concentration for students.
Studying with friends: The student should find some real or virtual friends to interact with during the study in addition to presenting educational problems to discuss together and solve them as well.
Self reward: Many students reward themselves when completing their study plans during the distance learning process; These rewards keep our education motivated.
Determining the goal of education: There are many motives that arise in us when setting goals related to the study, which makes us strive to reach these goals.
Taking periods of rest: Some students work to take a period of rest during distance study in order to restore the activity and enthusiasm to study.
How do I study remotely?
There are many steps that should be taken care of to be implemented for distance learning successfully during the current period, including the following: Presentation
Getting to know the education system: The student must explore all the tools provided by the distance education system in order to be able to deal with them in the appropriate way, and we can use the user's guide, if any.
Develop the appropriate plan: All students must develop and implement the appropriate plan to follow up and review all academic courses in addition to solving assignments and exams as well.
Study in the right place: The student must choose the place that suits him to be able to comprehend the study concepts without confusion.Determining the preferred type of study: Some students prefer to study through reading, while others prefer to study by listening to audio clips or watching video educational clips, and the student should determine his preferred type of study and use it in order to excel in distance study.
Asking for help: Students are exposed to many problems during distance education, and some people must be used to solve these problems, such as contacting the educational advisor or contacting the technical support team.
Study plan review: Reviewing the study plan helps us determine the extent to which we have achieved the goals of distance education in addition to helping us know the problems we encountered in order to think of appropriate solutions to them and not to be exposed to them more:<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->تحضير لغتي سادس الفصل الاول 1443


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