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The Ultimate Car Mod - New Version

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The Ultimate Car Mod - New Version

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This mod brings cars, road building, and gasoline production to your Minecraft universe. This is the ideal mod for players who want to add full vehicle management to their game via a mod .There are many vehicles with different features to choose from. The mod also incorporates a very advanced gasoline management system, modeled on the basis of the actual production of biodiesel.After building your first car, building a road will be essential - you have various options for designing your own roads and getting creative!

The content of the modThe content of the Ultimate Car mod for Minecraft can be separated into 3 main categories :

  • fuel production
  • cars
  • roads

  • Biodiesel
  • Gas station
  • Reservoirs
  • Biodiesel manufacturing
  • Canola cultivation
  • Oil mill (rapeseed cake as a by-product)
  • Rapeseed cake (to be used as a filling)
  • Backmix reactor
  • Split Tank (for settling)
  • Extraction of methanol by pyrolysis (charcoal as a by-product)
  • Fuel production requires energy created by a generator
  • Generator
  • The generator needs fuel to operate
  • Old school generator that doesn't need fuel to run
  • Cables
  • Fluid hoses
  • Fluid extractors
  • Box

  • Single-seater car (6 colors)
  • Two-seater car (6 colors)
  • Truck (two seater, 16 colors)
  • Truck with container (two seats, 16 colors)
  • Single-seater sports car (16 colors)
  • Cars have sounds
  • Cars can be damaged and have an indication of damage
  • Cars need fuel to run
  • Cars must be turned on before driving
  • Cars have a speedometer and fuel gauge
  • Cars can be locked
  • Cars have luggage
  • Car horn
  • Different cars have different speeds and fuel consumption
  • Cars are faster on the roads
  • Car workshop
  • Repair tools
  • Lots of car parts for crafting

  • Different asphalt blocks for road construction
  • 27 white tags (lines and arrows)
  • 27 yellow markers (lines and arrows)
  • Painter for brands
  • Crash barrier
  • Cars are faster on paved roads
Vehicle Owner's Manual

  • When you create your car in the workshop, it contains 10% fuel. So you can drive it to the next gas station. You can also refuel your car with a canister.
  • To drive you must first turn on your engine by pressing " R "
  • By pressing " I " while seated in the car, the car user interface will open. Here you can check your damage and fuel level. There will also be your indication of damage and the car inventory. You can also access your car inventory from the outside by right clicking on it.
  • For carriers , the outside inventory is a separate inventory allowing you to transport more things.
  • The canister can be refueled by right-clicking on a gas station . To refuel your car with a canister, you also need to right-click on the car with the canister in hand.
  • If you run out of fuel, you can push your car .
  • If you build a vehicle, you will get two keys which will be in the car's inventory.
  • You can duplicate your key by placing a key and an iron ingot in a crafting table. The new key will be a copy of your old key.
  • You can repair your car in the workshop or with a repair kit . The repair kit will repair 5% of the damage. Warning: if your car has 95% damage or more, it will be destroyed if a player (who is not in creative mode) hits the car with more than 2 damage. Only a few pieces will fall.

Download Mod : Ultimate Car Mod


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