Wondering how to keep your car shining post-monsoon

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Wondering how to keep your car shining post-monsoon?  14th Sept 2021


We love the monsoon for bringing down the temperatures and making us fall in love with books, coffee, and comforters. However, with the pleasant rain comes floods, water-logging, and much more. And all over again, the monsoon season never fails to surprise us with the amount of damage it does to our vehicles.

The lengthy bills from your car service centre for rusting, complete breakdown, and other damage to your vehicle remind you of your car insurance renewal.

Please remember your car needs some special attention post monsoon time. So here we bring some valuable tips to keep your vehicles safe and minimize the damage to your car.

1. Car Wash – a thorough cleaning: ‘Keep it clean!’ is probably the most ordinary and mundane advice anyone can give you for anything. But here, it is also the most effective. Nothing is better than a good clean-up of your car once the monsoon is over. Be sure to get rid of the leaves, mud, twigs, dirt, and other contaminants that could damage your vehicle. For example, if you have parked your car out in the open during the monsoon, you should get a proper car wash at a service centre to prevent the build-up of leaves and twigs that could potentially damage the paint on your vehicle.

2. Protect the Paint – keep it shining: The best way to keep your paint new as day one, even after these heavy downpours, is to use a protective paint layer, which separates the moisture and rain from the original colour on the surface of your car. For this, you can select from a wide range of quality protective products or opt for less expensive ceramic paint protective layer options. You can also go for a protective paint job at the workshop.

3. Electrical hazards – don’t get SHOCKED: Water and electricity can be dangerous together. So it is advisable to check all the wiring and electrical components of your car to avoid any short circuits. Get your car thoroughly checked for the wirings and any loose or open ends. Use electrical tape to fix them or call a mechanic.

4. Drive Slow – stay safe: Though this one is for all seasons, you need to be extra careful on the road after monsoons. There are potholes everywhere, and the quality of the road is even more aggravated. Drive cautiously, don’t attempt to be reckless as it may cost you badly.

5. Car insurance – safeguard your finances: Relying on your car insurance will help you recover and repair the significant damages to your car if it requires a visit to a workshop for the post-monsoon repair service. Car insurances are financial saviours, and it is your responsibility to avoid delays in your car insurance renewal.

Now you know these must-dos to keep your car clean and in good shape after the monsoon departs. It is always a good practice to get a post-monsoon servicing done to ensure that all the parts of your car are correctly functioning.

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