With these five tips, you can give your bike tyres a long life

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With these five tips, you can give your bike tyres a long life  14th Oct 2021


Bikes are the most commonly used vehicle when it comes to riding on India's busy roads. But did you know that your safety relies on one more thing than just your driving skills? Your choice of tyres and how you maintain them are two major factors contributing to a safe and smooth ride.

Still, most of us don't take the health of our bike's tyres very seriously. Tyres suffer a lot while making your riding experience pleasant. Besides this, bike tyres face significant external damage and develop cracks due to constant wear and tear. You cannot afford to leave the tyres unattended because a faulty tyre can be a threat to your life and others around you. Below are the five best tips to increase the life expectancy of your bike's tyres.

1. Wash them regularly:
Cleaning the tyres of your bike is an essential routine that you shouldn't miss. Leaving dirt will expose them to damages, thereby affecting their quality. The dirt racks up on the tyre's surface and affects its grip, which tends the bike to skid on the road. So, next time you go to the washing centre, get the tyres clean and dirt-free thoroughly.

2. Schedule regular repair checks:
Your bike runs over any sharp object like a nail or edgy stones on the road. With time, tyres also meet with alignment and wheel balancing issues. This happens due to extensive riding and wear and tear of treads or grooves. Get these issues fixed at the earliest, as otherwise, such things can damage the tyres inside out.

3. Get the best fit:
Sometimes we opt for fancy or trendy tyres and don't pay heed to the actual requirement. Always look out for the best fitting and necessity of your bike and its model. Mismatching tyres is never a good option – neither for your bike nor for you.

4. Timely replacement of tyres:
Tyres don't come with a lifelong guarantee. Ideally, they need to be changed every 4-5 years, or the kilometres you cover, depending on your bike's specifications. Due to resisting the friction continuously, tyres tend to lose their grip. Taking out your motorcycle with such tyres on the road is dangerous, especially on uneven roads or during the rainy season. So, timely replacing of tyres is required before the situation gets uncontrollable.

5. Check for ideal pressure:
Refer to the user manual of your bike to know the perfect pressure of the tyre and maintain it consistently. Don't forget the essential maintenance of air filling and oiling the engine. Riding under less pressured tyres is risky as there are chances of bursting or unexpected puncturing.

Your bike is your responsibility, and keeping it in good shape will give it an extended life. Moreover, regular maintenance to your bike and tyres promises comfortable and safe rides to you. Along with good care, buying suitable bike insurance also counts as a wise step. Bike insurance comes with plenty of benefits that can help you as an owner during unfortunate incidents like accidents, theft, or damages due to calamities.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.