Why running a marathon is not a crazy idea at all

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Why running a marathon is not a crazy idea at all  20th Sept 2021


You'd love the fact that not many people can say, 'Yes, I ran 42 kms today.' Indeed, of all the races, there is no better ground for heroism than a marathon.

There can be various reasons you might want to train for and run in a marathon, whether you are a veteran jogger who wants to strive toward a new goal or a rookie runner influenced by a friend's achievement of participating in a race.

Although training for and running a marathon can be a challenging and painful experience, there are numerous health, mental, and spiritual benefits.

You may be afraid of getting hurt or in constant pain; that's natural. You can talk to yourself and ask a question, 'Can I do it?' Because deep down, you always wonder what it would be like to put in the time and effort required to train for a marathon, and believe it or not, every drop of sweat is worth the pain.

Following are a few reasons why running a marathon will prove more helpful than you think.

Advantages for your physical well-being:

• It improves your overall health by strengthening your muscles and boosting your immune system. In addition, it makes your heart stronger and helps you maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level.

• You will get more restful sleep as the training for a marathon can be challenging. Our body restores and recovers while we are asleep, so you will surely crave a sound sleep.

• Even if you don't lose much weight, running all those kilometres will tone your legs and impact your lean muscle mass.

Positive effects on your mental health:

• Running during stressful times, according to research, can help you better face life's obstacles by strengthening your mental resilience.

• When it comes to marathons, you can't afford to skip training, so having one on your calendar will keep you motivated to stay on track.

• You'll be a completely different person after you cross the finish line because you'll always know that you have the mental and physical strength to endure, even when you don't think you can or will succeed.

Advantages for your personal growth:

• It will keep you engaged. If you've just had a life transition that has provided you with extra free time, such as retirement, a breakup, a job loss, or a freshly empty nest, now could be the ideal time to take on the marathon challenge.

• Your running self-assurance will almost spill over into other aspects of your life, such as work and relationships.

• Although there will be some difficult times during marathon preparation and the event, it will all be worth it once you cross that finish line.

More amusing benefits:

• Marathon running is an excellent reason to explore a new city or country if you enjoy travelling.

• Suppose you're used to running and racing shorter distances. In that case, training for a marathon will encourage you to find new areas to run because you'll be running a lot and getting bored with the same routes.

• You'll receive something as a reward for your accomplishment, whether it's a medal, a shirt, or a fantastic finish photo.

• You're a marathon finisher once you cross that finish line, and you'll always be one. One will never be able to take that title away from you, and neither your bragging rights.

A consistent long-distance running plan brings many physiological and mental health benefits to marathon participants. Before you start preparing for a marathon, make sure to examine your current fitness level and take the expert advice if required. In addition, it is advisable to purchase a health insurance policy, especially when you are participating in sports events.

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