Why we need to be careful while crossing the roads

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Why do we need to be careful while crossing the roads?  06th Feb 2020


With a striking increase in the number of vehicles on the road, traffic safety has become a crucial matter in the modern world. As drivers and as pedestrians both, you need to be extremely careful about yourself as well as your fellow citizens.

Yes, no doubt a lot of medical facilities are widely available nowadays. Many multi-speciality hospitals provide emergency services to the needy ones. Many companies offer

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in India. A variety of measures can be undertaken after an accident. But would you want to go through all of it? Better safe than sorry, right? That's why we present the importance of maintaining road safety.

The given article describes the importance of being careful while crossing the roads as well as discusses a few measures of how you can avoid any misfortune while doing so.

  • To avoid accidents - The first and foremost reason why you should be careful while crossing roads is to prevent collision with any vehicle. If you walk across haphazardly, you might end up getting hit by any driver who was not very careful with his driving. You cannot take control of what the fellow driver is doing, but you surely have the responsibility for your safety.
  • To avoid injury - Of course, an accident will result in severe injuries. If the force stays quite high during the collision, the pedestrian might lose his life as well! To avoid such circumstances, taking precautions is necessary.
  • To avoid a collision when someone is driving too fast - People are often seen to be in some sort of hurry while going somewhere as they operate at an unusually high speed. First things first, the speedily approaching vehicle has the potential to injure you severely if you get into its way. Moreover, applying brakes at high speed can be difficult and it provides absolutely no assurance that no collision will occur.
  • To avoid injury to the driver - If you somehow end up lucky enough to avoid being rammed into by a vehicle, thank your stars. But the case might not be the same with the driver of the car. There are chances that someone might have applied brakes all of a sudden to avoid colliding into someone and his head banged on the steering wheel. He might suffer injuries as well.
  • To avoid slipping on the road - Not just by accident, you can injure yourself by not maintaining balance while crossing the road and falling. You might end up hitting your head on the concrete. Worst case scenario, the driver of a random vehicle does not notice your fall and collides into you! You surely wouldn't want that to happen.
  • Measures that can be taken
  • Always cross from zebra crossing - All of you must have read about a zebra crossing in your school days. Those same instructions are what you need to follow. Nowadays, generally, zebra crossings are painted in the front area of traffic signals.
  • Look on both sides - As people tend to drive on the wrong side of the road, no guarantee looking at the opposite side of the way before crossing will keep you safe. To ensure maximum safety, always look on both sides and cross only when it's feasible.
  • Never run across roads - This is a crucial fact yet often goes unnoticed by people, never run while crossing a street. That doesn't mean you should walk extremely slow either. Always walk at a moderate speed so that you can cross calmly and can stop when any fast vehicle approaches.
  • Avoid crossing when incoming traffic is substantial - If you want to cross the road, but the number of vehicles coming in from the opposite end is large, try and wait for a while and let the rush reduce. You can cross when the road seems a bit or more empty. This eliminates the possibility of sudden collisions.
  • Having individual health insurance in India only help you with the hospitalization related expenses but to stay safe and sound, you must follow the traffic rules diligently.