Why do most millennials buy health insurance online in India

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Why do most millennials buy health insurance online in India  14th Sept 2021


India is a global capital for housing millennials, as almost 34% of its population is GenY. Powered by advanced technology, data, to be more precise, millennials consume a large amount of data each day. No wonder they are recognised as the most data-driven generation.

Because they grew up online, the idea of getting things done from smartphones appeal to millennials' tech-savvy attitude. Rightly so, as it involves a lot less effort. The fact that millennials (and the great majority of customers) are accustomed to doing nearly all of their daily transactions online makes sense to purchase online health insurance.

In this space, we will talk about why this data-hungry generation prefers to go for online health insurance purchases and why you should too.

1. Lower cost: Millennials are identified as frugal shoppers as they believe in cost-effective purchases. They typically choose to follow their instincts and value the price over recommendations. Buying insurance offline involves a cost consisting of the paperwork, the commission of intermediaries, and the transportation cost to make the sale. These variables being absent for online health insurance reduce the premium cost immediately. There is even a chance of getting a lower premium that adds to the savings in some circumstances. And all this attracts millennials; after all, they love smart investments.

2. Ease in comparison: While purchasing health insurance online, you can compare several insurance plans from different company side by side, either by yourself or using dedicated comparison tools. It can help you look at the pros and cons of an insurance company and select the best for you. This ease in comparison is almost impossible while making an offline purchase. This speeds up the overall buying experience and matches this generation's demand for online convenience.

3. Customer reviews and testimonials: On purchasing online health insurance, users have an option to leave feedback on their experiences. These reviews are available on the insurance company's website, their social media pages and other third-party review websites. These reviews help to ascertain your decision for the best insurance plan for you. Millennials never overlook the reviews section; sometimes, that's the turning point in finalising or rejecting a purchase for them.

4. Time saving and DIY: Time is money, and millennials have a reputation for spending an average of two minutes looking for product information and making decisions. Moreover, they want to control their decision and follow their D.I.Y. style. Once convinced, they prefer to finish the entire procedure in a few minutes and get an instant digital copy of the insurance papers. They are more comfortable with online health insurance where neither the insurance company nor the intermediary agent is visited.

5. Online insurance calculators: Online premium calculators are available on the websites of majority of health insurance providers. It makes it simple for clients to assess a plan's premium based on their specific needs before purchasing. In addition, these calculators offer highly accurate estimates. Millennials believe in cost-saving even as much as they look for other features from their policy like add-ons and NCB (No Claim Bonus). Nothing beats a good policy with all the features and a low premium. These online calculators justify the needs of millennials to a great extent.

What does all this tell us about millennials' inclination towards online health insurance? As you can see, this generation is more likely to use the internet for their insurance-related purchases than average consumers. So whether you're a millennial, Gen Z, or a baby boomer, online health insurance is here to evolve and to provide convenient and attractive policy advantages. It's time for others to start exploring online health insurance options too.

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