Where are we heading? That is where is the general insurance industry heading

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Where are we heading? That is where is the general insurance industry heading  20th Jan 2020


Things change. It is the law of the universe, and we, along with everything that we do, are a part of it. To resist change is to combat the natural phenomenon of things. When you accept change and plan things in accordance with it, then things have a habit of place. Otherwise, things may just fall apart. Indeed, no one can stop the changes in life, and the same applies to the insurance sector as well. There has been a lot going on in the insurance industry in the past ten years. According to the data provided by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the insurance industry in India is expected to $280 billion by FY2020. The overall penetration of insurance policies in India increased from 2.71 percent in 2001 to 3.69 percent in 2017. The gross insurance premiums that were collected in India during FY19 reached Rs 5.78 trillion (US$ 82.8 billion). In this, 4.08 trillion (US$ 58.5 billion) came from life insurance whereas Rs 1.69 trillion (US$ 24.3 billion) came from non-life insurance.

Ease in the insurance process

One of the highlights of the changing insurance industry has been the ease of access. Now, everything can be done online, and the data is available at disposal, thanks to the growth and penetration of technology. The internet has created a trusted business model that provides value to all stakeholders. You also get free online support if you face any queries while exploring your insurance options.

Paperless process

The general insurance in India has become entirely paperless. From buying the policy to paying the premium — everything can be done online with nos risks at all. Since the whole insurance industry has taken an online shift, it is much easier to compare insurance policies and choose the best option. Now, it has become easier to explore deals across insurance companies and choose the one that fits your interest the most.

Low risk

With things going paperless, there are no risks involved. Even if you lose your insurance documents, you can easily claim them back by filing your issue online. Earlier, it was difficult to keep track of all the documents physically. However, with the onset of smartphones, everything can be accessed online without any hassle and the need of carrying physical files. The facts and numbers of general insurance prove that the insurance industry is booming. As a customer, it becomes crucial that you get access to the best insurance service. If you are looking for general insurance in India that comes with online support, then Magama HDI general insurance could be the answer. Magma HDI insurance provides you with the option to buy insurance online, and it also comes with the option to file claims online — all at your fingertips.