What is fully insured in a motorcycle accident

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What is fully insured in a motorcycle accident?  30th June 2021


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policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing. The insurance can also provide personal accident coverage, including accidental death and partial or total disability due to the accident. You can also opt for personal accident coverage of the pillion rider if you often ride with a pillion rider. Personal accident coverage can also include paid riders if the bikes are used for commercial purposes.

Here we talk about what all is insured if your bike encounters an accident, if you have existing two-wheeler insurance for your bike:

• Accidental death –

Accidental death coverage takes care of the financial difficulties that the surviving family faces in the event of the policyholder’s demise. This coverage is extremely beneficial for families where the policyholder is the sole bread-winner, and the family is financially dependent on him/her. The accidental death coverage acts as a supplement to the term insurance policy that the policyholder may have purchased.

• Disability compensation –

A disability to the policyholder also affects the financial position of the policyholder and his or her family. The earning capacity of the policyholder may get compromised in case of a partial or total disability. This part of the two-wheeler insurance coverage addresses these concerns by earmarking a sum assured for disability.

• Hospitalization Expenses –

Many two-wheeler insurances provide a cash allowance to meet hospitalization costs in case of a two-wheeler accident. This cash allowance can also be claimed if the policyholder is required to stay at the hospital to recuperate from injuries sustained in the accident. Most insurance companies offer cash allowance for a specific number of days that is stipulated in the policy.

• Own damage coverage –

A basic third party coverage will not cover the damage to your bike. However, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers any type of damage that can happen to the policyholder’s bike in the event of an accident or a natural calamity. This policy covers all man-made and natural damages to the bike, along with third-party coverage. Insurance companies also provide cashless repairs facility and maintain a network of garages where you can avail of this facility. If the bike has been in a road accident, the policyholder can make the claim through traditional paper mode or opt for a video claim facility if provided by the insurer. The policyholder can make reimbursement claims even if repairs are carried out in a non-network garage.

• Third-party insurance –

Two-wheeler accidents can damage not just your own vehicle but also damage or injure a third party. This is why insurers provide coverage of a specific amount in case of damage to a third party. Besides, the disability and death of a third party are also covered in most third party insurance.

Do note that personal accident coverage is compulsory for all two-wheeler insurance policies. Therefore, any harm to self in case of a motorcycle accident is sure to be covered under your existing policy. On the other hand, not all types of two-wheeler accidents are covered by a typical motorcycle insurance policy. These are unusual causes such as self-inflicted injuries, riding without a driver’s license, riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol, riding as a part of hazardous or criminal activities, riding outside geographical limits of the policy, and so on. In other words, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance with a reliable insurer covers all the possible damage and harm resulting from an accident.