Upgrading your car? Why do you need to consider these five factors?

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Upgrading your car? Why do you need to consider these five factors?  20th Sept 2021


So, you have got a promotion and decided to upgrade your car. When you choose to upgrade your vehicle, the first thing you feel is nothing but complete excitement. However, in reality, it takes more than just excitement to upgrade a car. You might like to consider many other reasons before selling your current vehicle and getting a new one.

You have to introspect on the very first factor: how necessary is it to upgrade your car? Because with upgrades, the cost of maintenance and car insurance changes too. Let us help you to decide if upgrading is a rewarding decision for you or not.

1. Budgeting: Car is an expensive and fast depreciating commodity. If you think you have got enough money to upgrade the car, you must decide on a precise budget you can spend on the new car. Another point is the type of car you want to upgrade. See the model, features, and warranty policies of the car and check if it justifies your requirements. Rather than only visual choices like the colour and design of the car, you must also focus on its features and comfort.

2. Monthly maintenance cost: Make sure you can pay the EMIs, maintenance, and other hidden costs with ease without stressing your budget. Car is like a perpetual drain on your pocket. So pay attention to hidden fees like fuel, repairing, servicing, registration, or

car insurance policy.

3. Usage of the car: A small to a medium car (preferably electric) would be fuel-efficient and easy to use if you live in a metro city. It is convenient for driving, and you can park it easily. Be mindful that bigger cars require more parking space and can be an everyday hassle if you live in a crowded area with no dedicated parking.
If your family size increases, you need to choose the car with the ideal cabin space to accommodate all your family members and enough boot space for luggage.

4. Higher annual insurance: While the upgradation will enhance your comfort level, it's necessary to consider the impact on your car insurance premium. The higher the cost of the car, the more you have to pay to insure it. Usually, expensive vehicles have very high premiums. Therefore, it's better to estimate the annual car insurance cost than to put sudden stress on your pockets.

5. Smart features: If you are an auto-enthusiast, have a passion for cars, and can afford a luxury vehicle, you should go for a premium car. Try to get some smarter and better features when you upgrade your car. It includes light bars, a GPS, reverse-parking assist cameras, cruise control, auto-pilot, keyless entry, and a better sound system. Safety features like airbags should be the top priority. High-budget cars also bring other safety features like anti-theft alarm technology, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and traction control.
And a final thought before you decide on a model, changing your old vehicle is the best occasion to refresh your lifestyle, but you need to stick to your budget and surf for multiple options. Research thoroughly and find the best deal for the vehicle. By considering the above points, you will not regret the thought of upgrading your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.