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Two-wheeler insurance policy. Popular facts and myths  14th Sept 2021


Have you got stuck in heavy traffic again? Guess who'll make the riding experience smooth and convenient by sliding through traffic? Your two-wheeler, of course!

For all the experiences you plan to rejoice in with your two-wheeler, there is a bit of practical advice – as a responsible owner, you should carry a valid insurance policy. But many people doubt that choosing an insurance policy is a daunting task and is expensive. So in this article, we'll tell you more about the myths and facts you should know about your 2 wheeler insurance policy.

Myths get a huge living space in India as false information and rumours always travel faster than light. So let's first have a look at some common myths about 2 wheeler insurance.

1. Choosing an insurance policy is a difficult task: Choosing an appropriate policy is confusing, full of hassles and a tedious task.

2. Insurance is expensive: Insurance is only going to cost money and would not be worth it. This is instead a very common thought every customer has when buying Insurance.

3. Third-party cover is sufficient for two-wheelers: Third-party cover will provide complete coverage for bikes. In case your bike is old, it does not need an insurance policy.

4. Insurance premium depends merely on credit score: The credit score of the owner is the only factor that determines the premium for your chosen policy.

5. An insurance policy covers all damages caused: The insurance policy is enough to cover all costs of damages despite the cause behind it. Your policy will pay you regardless of any terms and conditions.

Usually, facts get lost somewhere in the chaos of myths, but no worries, we'll present them before you.

1. Selecting an insurance policy is no fuss at all: With the assistance of professional insurance companies and their customer services, choosing and buying the right insurance is as easy as buying anything else. You can purchase the insurance right from your couch without even visiting the company.

2. Insurance is not expensive if chosen correctly: Nowadays, customers can choose from many options and plans offered by various insurance companies and even compare them to select the right one. Not only that, you are free to go through every little detail of the policy to avoid unnecessary charges.

3. A proper two-wheeler insurance policy is necessary for your bike: Just having a third-party cover is not enough to secure your bike. It will only provide cover for the losses against third-party and never for your bike. Hence, going for a comprehensive cover is a wise choice.

4. Online is safe: There is absolutely nothing to fear when opting for 2 wheeler insurance online. You can find the most attractive deals and discounts online and even compare policies with smart comparison tools. Moreover, sharing your personal information such as your name, age, address with reputed insurance firms is safe and trustworthy.

5. Every policy has specific terms and conditions: For all the insurance policies, there are limitations on claiming coverage. For example, the insurer will not cover any cost if the mishap includes the drink and drive case.

Having good information about both myths and facts should help you get a clearer idea about a two-wheeler insurance policy. So be a responsible citizen, don't fall prey to any myths and choose a policy for your two-wheeler now by clicking HERE.