Tips To Ensure A Disease-free Monsoon

Tips To Ensure A Disease-free Monsoon  17th Sep 2020

Monsoon arrives with new promises and provides a route to escape from the scorching summer heat. It comes as a respite to many but has its consequences.

Different types of bacteria thrive during this period due to the warm and humid climate. People often suffer from the likes of cold, flu, typhoid, malaria and other such diseases caused by various viruses or micro-organisms.

It is essential to take adequate measures to guard against such diseases and stay healthy, although there are some affordable health insurance plans to take care in case of any ailment. Some such measures for a disease-free monsoon are:

1. Keeping house clean

  • Your house should be kept clean and pest-free.
  • One should be aware of leakages and water clogging, especially around electronic devices, like coolers, ACs and washing machines.
  • Rusty or broken pipes should be replaced as they can become the breeding place for pests.
  • Pest control should be called once a week to check.

1. Taking showers

  • Getting caught in the monsoon rain is one of the most serene experiences. But a lot of micro-organisms or germs might have entered the body.
  • A shower with a few drops of disinfectants prevents any such infection.
  • One should not enter an AC-room in wet clothes as possibilities of catching a cold increases manifold.

1. Keeping hydrated

  • It is vital to stay properly hydrated and drink water at regular intervals to fight against diseases, like typhoid and cholera.
  • One should avoid having unfiltered water from the streets.
  • Water purifier should be working properly.

1. Checking ventilation

  • Cross-ventilation should be allowed as infectious organisms can leave the room.
  • The room should be open to sunlight, and fresh air as damp may creep in otherwise.

1. Keeping hands clean

  • Harmful germs may reside on the surface. So, it is essential to wash your hands at regular intervals.
  • One can carry hand sanitizers in the pockets. Hands should be cleaned before having food.

1. Vitamin-rich diet

  • Vitamin C-enriched food is vital to make your body immune to such harmful organisms.
  • One should have lemon juices and fresh vegetables regularly.
  • One should stay away from street food as much as possible. Potholes in the streets are often home to microbes causing diseases, like typhoid and cholera.

1. Using Mosquito repellents

  • Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Stored water should be appropriately covered inside houses.
  • Use of mosquito tents, coils and repellents are a must to guard against diseases, like malaria and dengue.
  • There are several affordable health insurance plans. One should take their help in case of emergencies to protect their family.

1. Strengthening immunity

  • Strongly immune persons are not much affected by such diseases.
  • The likes of tulsi, cardamom, turmeric and lemongrass are vital in boosting the immunity against the monsoon diseases.

1. Taking influenza and pneumonia shots

  • These are vital in case of those who have asthma. These help in creating strong immunity against these harmful germs.
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccine shots help guard against diseases, like jaundice.
  • Many affordable health insurance plans can cover the cost for such vaccines.
  • One should also be careful in the medications he/she takes.
  • If unwell, one should remain back at home and prevent spreading the virus to others.

1. Having warm food

  • Warm saline gargles help in fighting against the irritation caused in throats due to the infection.
  • Warm fluids help to soothe. So one can have warm water or milk often.
  • Soups and broths are a welcome change to the diet.

By keeping these few precautionary steps in mind, one can stay away from these diseases. However, if one faces any symptoms of such diseases, he/she should immediately consult a doctor. There are some affordable health insurance plans to take the help of, if necessary.