The rising need for health insurance in India

Health Insurance Policy in India

The rising need for health insurance in India  27th Nov 2019

There has been an exponential increase in the number of people opting for health insurances across India in recent years. The top reason is definitely not aggressive advertising by the Insurance Firms, but the health and medical costs that have dramatically risen lately. With much needed financial backup during the critical medical emergencies, health insurances do play an important role in helping you and your family not getting burdened by medical expenses.

Illnesses bring bad times, and an additional financial burden along with it. The rising medical treatment cost, every year, is one of the top reasons why health insurances become somewhat like a necessity for every average earning person.  

Kusum, a single earning mother of two sons, was leading a happy life and was awarded twice as the employee of the year. However, medical emergencies come unannounced. Life took a big turn when her father was admitted to the hospital for chest pain. Her father needed to undergo heart surgery, which not only for him but for the whole family were some of the stressful days of their lives. The surgery went well but left behind a huge dent on her father’s retirement savings and a lot of her savings too. Luckily her family had these savings and did not compromise on the medical treatment plan, but the incident did make Kusum learn a valuable lesson. It was time for her now, to understand Health insurances better and ensure that her whole family is fully insured in order to prevent herself from stressful financial aftermath. 

 As per the WHO statistics, about 70% of the hospitalization in urban India put the consumers in crippling medical distress as they blow up their entire income on healthcare.

Health insurances serve a better way to tackle such health emergencies with a range of insurance plans covering illnesses, accidents and surgical ailments, safeguarding the life of insured a bit easy after the medial process.

How are we helpful?

MAGMA HDI’s OneHealth insurance policies help you to access a whole range of insurance plans which you choose as per your personal needs or family size. With the benefits of cashless hospitalization over 4,100 hospitals, it helps in providing insured covers over accidents and critical ailments. Providing 24x7 claim assistance, hospitalization costs, cashless options, and keeps the insured and the family into financial ease. 

Though Kusum is dealing with a financial crunch and has to give away the dream of a world tour, but she is happy to have adequate family health insurance,

putting financial distress at bay.

She might have learned in a harder way, but you can learn from her life incident and choose the best health insurance in India for the parents and yourself.

Health insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. Be a prudent individual by planning the best-fit health insurance and lead a much secure and happy life.