The Five Best Health Insurance YouTube Videos

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The Five Best Health Insurance YouTube Videos   17th Decemver 2019

A health insurance policy is meant to save you from the financial impact of a sudden illness, accidental injuries, and critical diseases. It also works as a legal contract between you and the health insurance provider to bear the costs of hospitalization, doctor’s fee, and other medical expenses.

But, there are many unique provisions of general insurance in India that can be difficult for a layperson to grasp. But thanks to the internet, it's simpler now to understand many confusing concepts.

You can explore and browse through YouTube videos that lucidly explain every important term at your own convenience.

If you're left wondering which videos to watch, here are our top five picks:


This is a video from, where they explain the best methods to find a suitable health insurance plan. The video tells you how to look for the maximum coverage on your insurance policy and how add-ons can help you in the future.

They also inform you about other important things like clarifying with your insurer about coverage for certain pre-existing diseases when taking a policy with a lesser waiting period to ensure you go in completely informed while buying your first policy.


This link from My Insurance Club talks about the different types of health insurance policies available to us. It broadly divides all health insurance policies into two and then further talks about plans specific to your needs such as critical illness plans.

The video explains the type of policies with the help of examples that relate to real-life scenarios.


This video from Consumer Reports explains the costs related to health insurance. Here, they explain deductibles, premiums and out-of-pocket maximums which are applicable to various health insurance plans.

You must have read or heard about these terms with regard to medical insurance policies. In this video, you can understand them better with in-depth explanations and visuals. It helps you to make better sense of

health insurance in India

and how your plan helps you.


This is a YouTube video from Consumer Reports which is a quick guide to picking the right health insurance for you. The video tells you factors to look for while looking for health insurance. These may include services such as OPD or even ambulance fees. 


This video from My Insurance Club talks about the major benefits of buying health insurance. These include cashless services, hospitalisation coverage etc. Check out this video to make sure that you are making the best of your plan.

These are some of the best YouTube videos related to various concepts of health insurance. Go through them to know your options better when choosing a plan for you and your family.