Ten habits that will make you highly productive

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Ten habits that will make you highly productive  14th Oct 2021


In this new normal post-Covid world, the work environment is getting more convenient as work from anywhere culture brings flexibility in your life. As a result, people are spending more time at home than in offices. Yet, despite this significant change, people are still finding themselves less productive.

What does being productive mean to you? Are you still wondering about the ways to bring the change you want? Here are ten habits you can apply in your life to become super productive.

1. Having a proper sleep schedule:
An irregular sleep will get you nowhere. The short naps you take don't qualify as restorative sleep. On the other hand, having a sleep schedule helps you be more energetic, creative, and productive the next day.

2. Start early and peacefully:
Wake up early to follow a proper morning routine without rushing for work. Include exercise in your morning routine, as it releases endorphins and keeps you healthy. Try to include a little meditation to recharge your mind and give you a positive outlook on the day ahead.

3. Unplug:
Advanced technology helps your efficiency, but it can be a major distraction if used excessively. So, the best way to get things done is to turn off the things dying for attention. For example, have a 'shutdown' time [switch off electronics] before going to bed, as needed for your mental health and well-being. Take some time off your computer to connect with nature and get some freshness.

4. Plan to prioritize:
Prepare a rough to-do list before you go to bed. It will give you a head start on your day, and the mental preparation guides you effortlessly through your day. Decide in advance for the clothes to wear or breakfast the next day.

5. Do not multitask:
Multitasking isn't the right way to get things done. Sharing your energy and brain space to several things at the same time will reduce your efficiency. Instead, dedicate your attention and energy to one task at a time to derive the best results.

6. Learn to say 'NO':
We believe that 'saying no' is terribly bad for our reputation. But, not always. Learn to say no to things that are not worth your time and energy. The earlier you realize this, you will observe better results. You can utilize that time in doing an activity that makes you happy.

7. Take a break:
Your brain needs a break to refresh and gather the lost energy back. Not taking a break lowers your productivity levels and makes you feel burnt out. So, take a break, stretch or go for a short walk in the open space.

8. Declutter:
Having a clean working space makes your work easier. It only takes a few minutes to clean up your desk or throw away your coffee cups.

9. Keep going:
Be persistent, not a procrastinator. This is what qualifies you as a productive person. Get things done now; do not apply later on policy.

10. Feel accomplished:
Rewarding yourself is the best incentive for being productive. Therefore, provide yourself with reasons to be productive.

For many in their high-pressure jobs, being less productive can make them stressed, thereby hampering their health. With the rising medical cost, life cannot be financially secure unless you have the right health insurance coverage. In addition to the above tips to boost your productivity, it is recommended to build a significant portfolio for health insurance to secure you from medical worries.

Always remember, optimism is the key to a productive lifestyle. Figure out what's holding you back and work on yourself accordingly. Don't hold yourself back!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.