Six Tips to purchase a good bike within your budget

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Six Tips to purchase a good bike within your budget  07th July 2021

Two-wheelers are always the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads. Because of the ease of commuting and the low price compared to cars, they remain the first choice for the middle-income and young people.
If you are planning to buy a two-wheeler, you would say that a test drive of a few models is important. But practically, you should also read these six golden tips that help you make the right decision and save some money.

1. Purpose of purchase and requirements:

You should be clear with your objectives of buying a two-wheeler. Then, do proper research of the types, models, and other requirements, including the reviews of your shortlisted brands. Bikes are a versatile commodity, and they come in numerous shapes, sizes, types, and brands. You can use them for long rides, sports or racing, or as a day-to-day commute vehicle. Therefore, considering how and where you will use your two-wheeler is essential to finalise the model.

2. Set your budget:

Make sure that your dream two-wheeler suits your pockets too. Decide on a clear budget for your purchase and look for the bikes in that range. This helps you to narrow down the choices and the best fit. Remember that you will have to take care of maintenance, service and insurance of your bike as well.

3. Effortless handling:

Don't compromise your physical abilities and feasibility for some cool model of bike that you see. Choose the perfect height and the weight of the bike that you can handle conveniently. If you enjoy speedy rides, then you should opt for a sports bike. But if you are a family person, then sports bikes are not your category. Always give preference to high-performance and bikes with good mileage.

4. Maintenance and aftercare:

Make sure that the model or type of bike you choose has extensive and quality service centres. Wide network of service centres helps you to get your vehicle repaired easily. In addition, multiple brands offer free extended service options for a certain period that can save on maintenance cost. Also, keep in mind that regular servicing and good maintenance are necessary for the long life of your bike.

5. Customer reviews:

Customer reviews are crucial and can give you some genuine feedback about the two-wheeler you are considering. Thorough research of on-road reviews of users can further provide you with information about the two-wheeler, its attributes, real-time mileage, and many other aspects that a salesperson at the showroom might not tell you.

6. Purchasing insurance:

Your task doesn't end with just buying a bike. Bike insurance is essential and a must thing to be done. Insurance coverage for two-wheelers got mandatory after the Motor Vehicle Act in 1988. Adjust your budget according to your annual insurance premium. For safe and easy rides, secure your vehicle with bike insurance. You can also check bike insurance online for the best premium. Compare it all and choose the best fit for your bike and act smartly.
Lastly, make sure you compare across various brands and look through multiple dealers and the offers.

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