Six easy ways to decorate your home for festive seasons

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Six easy ways to decorate your home for festive seasons  30th Sept 2021


When the festive season is around, our homes need a touch of elegance. Festivals are the most-awaited time we celebrate by decorating houses and lighting up lamps and candles with much enthusiasm and zeal.

Cleaning the furniture and other areas of your room is not the only way you want to decorate your home. This post will provide some handy tips and ways to decorate your home for this festive season to bring a positive and fresh look.

1. Spend in good lightings:
Lightings play a vital role in giving a luxurious look to your home. You can invest in good lighting such as lamps, LEDs, chandeliers, fairy lights, and more and set them up with the interior of your home.
Warm yellow and white lights are known for their beautiful and lavish effect. Whereas bright and fancy lights mark celebrations and are ideal for giving your home a festive look.

2. Aesthetic food presentation:
Serving food is another familiar gesture during the festival seasons, so why not give them an aesthetic touch? The easiest way you can decorate the food table is by picking the right sets of crockeries to serve the food. Next, you can use a three-tier platter to display the starters and add candles for the final touch-up. Do not forget to use small flowerpots for a beautiful food table set up.

3. Indoor plants:
Going natural never goes out of style. In fact, in recent years, the trend of indoor plants has increased. Besides a natural look, indoor plants also play a vital role in giving your home a fresh and vibrant look.
You can find a wide variety of indoor plants with different pots and colours. You can either choose to hang the plants or put them everywhere around your home. In addition, you may place tall candles next to the plants to give your home a contemporary look.

4. Paying attention to the bathroom look:
The bathroom is a higher traffic area during the festive season. Ensuring that the bathroom is fresh and comfortable for your guests is a good gesture. You can arrange a small pot of beautiful flowers on the vanity. In addition, make sure that the wastebaskets and tissue covers inside the bathroom match your aesthetics. You can use a small glass or wooden tray to display the day-to-day supplementary items such as hand washes, creams, soaps, and napkins.

5. Look out for the covers:
This comes as no surprise that the bed sheets and covers of your pillows can change the entire look of your home. For a lively look, you can pick bright colour covers, tablecloths, mats, and bedsheets, but you need to be careful with the overall theme of your home. You can use contrast-coloured covers to lighten up your home with a more elegant look!

6. The right furniture:
If the festive season is around, decorating your home does not mean you need to invest higher in furniture. Sometimes just a piece of furniture does the work. You can start with one piece of furniture and place them accordingly. Then, in the next festive season, go for another!

Lastly, you do not want to send your friends and family empty-handed from your home. Say goodbyes on a happy note by giving them gifts as a sign of your love and care.

The festive season has traditionally been an auspicious time to begin new things in life. So, while you shop for new items and furniture, also gift your home with a promise of safety. General insurance plans have been a helping hand to homeowners to claim for financial losses due to damages or incidents. There are several options for general insurance plans to choose from; you need to specify your needs. Purchase one this festive season and feel protected in the warmth of the celebrations.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.