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Online bike insurance plans. Why and how is digitization helpful?  14th Sept 2021


The insurance industry in our country is experiencing an IT revolution. It is gaining a competitive edge in innovation and advancements in technology. The insurance companies have also adapted their business models to become more relevant and approachable online to cater to their growing online customer base.

The new work-from-home culture and series of lockdowns are further fuelling the online process to a greater extent. Result of which, the economic advantages of digital transformation in India have been highly encouraging. More people are inclining towards getting insurance online for their vehicles insurance policies. As per the Finance Ministry and IRDAI, the Insurance sector is expected to grow by 40-50% in the next half a decade.

So how exactly is the digitization of the insurance sector helping you with your bike insurance online? Let us answer it here.

1. Quick and Easy buying process: The digitization of insurance purchases has made it easier and faster. Earlier, a lot of documentation was required to obtain two-wheeler insurance offline, including visits to the insurance company's branch offices. It is now possible to buy insurance entirely online, with no physical paperwork. The shift is unquestionably a beneficial one.

2. Reduced total policy premium: Several insurance companies offer bike insurance online, allowing clients to browse all their policies features. Because of this, fewer intermediaries, agents and other personnel influence get involved. The company also has to spend less on stationery and other office resources by skipping all expenses mentioned above. Therefore, the total operating costs for the insurance are reducible. That is why online bike insurances are generally offered at reasonable rates in comparison to offline purchases.

3. The option of comparing different policies instantaneously: Today, all insurance firms display the features, premium amount, and T and C (terms and conditions) online. Therefore, the buyer can access these parameters of different companies all at once and compare multiple policies in one location, verify their requirements and make an intelligent choice. Thus, the role of mediators reduces, and the customers make a more informed decision.

4. Claim settlements made easier: Due to digitization, not only the process of acquiring bike insurance online got smoother, but also the process of settling a claim. It is now possible to register a claim immediately on the website. Fill in the incident's details and gather the relevant papers. One of the insurance inspectors will visit the accident scene and check the damage caused to the vehicle, and will prepare a claim estimate. The consumer can then track their claim status online by entering the claim number in the tracking window.

What impact will digitization have in the years to come? Digital technology is already influencing the purchasing habits of people. Insurance companies and agents will work seamlessly together in the future to provide better online customer support. In addition, insurtech solutions will be tested in a more controlled environment thanks to the new rules by the IRDAI. In the next five years, digitization will also help insurance reach India's semi-urban and rural segments.

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