Making “Work From Home” Work

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Making “Work From Home” Work   21st March 2020

Given the current circumstances, social distancing is the need of the hour as all offices in most parts of the nation are opting for ‘Work From Home’ approach. We bring you a few guidelines that will make this happen with similar efficiency and harmony as you work in the office.

Refer to the below checklist for productive results.

Get ready

Create a regimen and follow it. Some of the most successful business leaders get ready daily for work, although they don’t need to. It gets you into the mood. Please remember that it is work from home and not relax from home.

Create a boundary between work and leisure.

Don’t work from your bed/sofa. Your sofa/bed is the place where you relax, watch Netflix, schmooze. The office cannot be operated out of bed. You will not be able to do justice to important discussions.

When you have to leave your bed and go to the office, you create a sort of distinction which is difficult to import back home. It’s especially difficult right now when you have schools closed and kids at home; Malls, Cinema and Gym closed.

Follow your daily work routine ( With some modification)

  • Continue making your daily plan / Morning huddles / Morning meetings
  • Share your plan with your supervisor and colleagues who require to see
  • • Keep your supervisor informed.

  • What are you going to accomplish in the morning
  • How are you going to take breaks
  • When are you going to stop working

    Create trust

    In the office, you are surrounded by people whereas when you are at home, you have less information about your colleagues. You cannot just walk across and close your dealings. You cannot gauge their reactions from non-verbal cues.

    People will evaluate by outcomes and not by the extent of your effort

  • Set explicit goals and to-do list with your supervisor
  • Discuss and agree with your supervisor and colleagues
  • Commit timelines and honour them.
  • Extra-communicate with your colleagues. If you’re getting up and going for a walk, let that person know. Activate “away from desk” notification if possible

    Use Teleconference tools

  • Set up zoom/skype/WhatsApp meetings.
  • Prepare for the meetings and run professionally. Check the link to know more

    Take breaks and build physical activity

    Utilize the time that you will save by not commuting. Go for a quick walk or do bodyweight exercises at home.

    You will not get enough movement by pacing between your desk, refrigerator and the kitchen.

    Please note that work cannot suffer because that is how we all get paid.