Important Terms in Health Insurance That You Should Know

Health Insurance

Important Terms in Health Insurance That You Should Know    12th March 2020

The term “health insurance” is something that you must have heard multiple times. Both the government authorities, as well as the insurance companies, are aggressively creating awareness regarding health insurance. But what exactly is health insurance, and why do you need to get one immediately? Health insurance is essentially insurance that will cover complete or part of the medical expenses if you were to fall seriously ill, had a major accident or require a medical surgery of any kind.

  • Since these situations would otherwise require you to spend a substantial amount of money, it is always a good idea to subscribe to a comprehensive health insurance policy. Not only should you have a health insurance policy in place, but it is also essential that you pay attention to timely health insurance policy renewal as well. Before availing a health insurance policy, here are some terms you must understand well: -
  • Deductible: In simpler words, it is the part of the medical bills or expenses that you pay on your part while the insurance company pays for the rest. Based on the percentage of the risk you are willing to cover, the company will decide the deductible and the amount it will pay.
  • Premium: Premium is the amount that you would pay to the health insurance company for subscribing to the insurance policy as well as for its renewal. Depending on the insurance company, the premium could be paid every month, once a quarter, or once in a year. In case you are part of a group insurance policy at your workplace, your employer will most likely pay the premium. Failure to pay the premium could lead to termination of the policy and forfeiture of any accumulated benefits.
  • Grace period: - In case you are unable to pay your health insurance policy renewal premium by the due date, the insurance company will offer you a grace period of up to 30 days. If you pay the premium during this period, your health insurance policy will stay in force, but if you fail to pay the premium during this period as well, the policy will be terminated, leaving you unprotected.
  • Floater Plan: - This is a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers multiple persons in the family. Yourself, your spouse, kids, and parents can be included under the cover of this plan. Having a floater health insurance policy removes the need for having separate insurance plans for every family member.
  • Free-look period: - Also known as the cooling-off period, this period specifies the number of days you have since the issuance of the policy to cancel it. In case you are not satisfied with the new health insurance policy and cancel it during the cooling-off period, the insurance company will refund the premium amount after deducting some costs. But once this period has lapsed, no premium will be refunded by the company if you decide to cancel the policy.
  • When applying for a

    health insurance policy

    , it is of utmost importance that you fully understand all the terms, which also include co-payment, coinsurance, etc. Since it pertains to a very serious aspect of your life, you must make an informed decision when choosing a health insurance policy and you must keep in mind the terms of the health insurance policy renewal too.