How to take care of your car during the winter season?

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How to take care of your car during the winter season?  24th Jan 2020


With the onset of the winter months, the mercury drops, and so does the efficiency of your car if you do not maintain it well. Considering, you have invested a lot of money in buying your car and have chosen the best company to buy private car insurance in India and what not? So why neglect it during the chilly time of the year?

Cars require year-round maintenance to provide a smooth driving experience to the owner. After all, who wouldn't want that, right? Therefore, the following guidelines are prepared to guide you on how to take care of your car during the winter season:

Heaters - Although a major part of India does not witness extreme cold weather during the winters, occasional chilly winds and low temperatures can tempt people to use the heaters in their car. What would be better than getting a good amount of heat after being outside in the cold for too long? That's why keeping a check on the heating system inside the car is essential.

Starting the car - There is a general belief that the engine takes longer to warm up in the winter due to the surrounding low temperatures. Up to a certain extent, this is true. That's why people leave their car engine running for a while before driving. But that does not help much. The engine warms up after you drive, so it is best to take it out at regular intervals. As a result, you can make sure that the fluids are moving around efficiently, and the condition of the car does not take a hit in the cold weather.

Fuel tank - If you live in extremely cold areas like those in the North which tend to receive snowfall, you must always keep your fuel tank full. If petrol or diesel is filled enough, the accumulated water can be prevented from freezing inside the tank, thereby saving your car from potential fuel damage.

Engine oil - Engine failure is a common problem during the cold months. For the enhanced performance of your car, check the manuals that came along with it and use the mentioned engine oil so that the chances of any mishaps decrease. Also, maintain a certain minimum limit of oil and ensure that oil does not reduce past that limit.

Windshield wipers - Apart from engine oil, windscreen fluid is something you need to keep full. Due to fog or light snow, the visibility of the road ahead of your car decreases. If your windshield is not clear either, you will face a tough time driving. That is why we recommend maintaining the cleaning fluid as well as the proper working condition of the wipers.

Tyre checking - A lot of people might be unaware of this fact, but tires need to be changed with the weather. Especially in the northern parts where temperatures tend to drop to an extreme. Winter tires are built in such a way that they remain firm to the ground and maintain stability even in low temperatures. Even if there is no snow, these tires provide ease and smoothness in situations like applying brakes and taking a turn on the road. Also, ensuring the air pressure of the tires is a wise decision as driving around with less pressure can lead to premature wearing out and chances of accidents or collisions increase.

Servicing - If you have little or no knowledge of how to maintain your car during the winter, just contact the authorized service centres of the company or other trusted service providers that can take away your burden and ensure the good condition of your vehicle. This way you can attain a feeling of satisfaction that any problems existing already would be taken care of and further possible damage can be avoided. While a lot can be done, sometimes the breakdown of a car is inevitable. In such cases, availing private car insurance in India will help in keeping the expenses in control.